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Mutiny at The Bargehouse

The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank London SE1
Nearest Train / Tube: Blackfriars, Southwark, Waterloo

over 100 artists – not a lifeboat to be seen

January 15th – 19th 2003

film photography painting dance installation art theatre
physical theatre print sculpture design ceramics fashion
textiles music composition spoken word live art & more

Not all artists are affiliated with a gallery, not all art belongs in one. Experience more than exhibition,
Mutiny at The Bargehouse is about breaking the surface to catch a glimpse of what’s going on underneath.

“Making things happen, we take chances. We want to take creative risks, inspire ourselves in the process and anyone else that cares to jump the ride”. Event Director, Alison Trower

Formerly home to The Museum Of, The Bargehouse is a venue supportive of variety. A collection of rooms and spaces over 4 floors, its past lives and uses are easily traced. The flaking & ageing of the building in itself is a fascinating adornment to its new life as an arts space, an ideal playground.

LOSTPROPERTY is dedicated to collaborative explorations across genres that showcase a wealth of talent and diversity. The result being electric, fully charged performances for the public and exposure for artists. The group sees its role as an ‘artists’ switchboard’ and enabler, providing artists with diverse and challenging opportunities to create new work for public engagement.

Interactions between performers and artists mean every event has a life of its own that can’t be predicted. Mutiny offers a passport to an ongoing undercurrent of artistic activity, an antidote to shiny, packaged fairs and galleries.

The reality is that art matters, its not just show and hype. Artists are compelled to do what they do whether you notice or not. Irrepressible LOSTPROPERTY invite audiences to take a look at what’s been going on unseen around them.

A hugely stimulating exhibition, full of colour and energy, which proves there is
a strong and varied underground art scene performing in exciting locations
Liza Harrington – Producer, Carlton Television 360°

Lost Property came out with all guns blazing. An all singing, all dancing show
– an intravenous shot of passion into art’s fleshy arse
Nick Hackworth, Art Critic – Evening Standard 360°

LOSTPROPERTY promises more of the same.


Dates & Times:
Wednesday 15th: 11:00 - 5:00 Thursday 16 11:00 – 6:00
Friday 17th 11:00 – 8:30 LATE CLOSE Saturday 18th 11:00 – 6:00
Sunday 19th 11:00 – 5:00
Tickets: £3 / Conc.

For an invitation to the Private View - Wednesday 15th, full artists listing or further information please contact:
Divina Cox 0775 341 4026 Suzanne McDougall 0775 926 9521



Editors Notes:

About Lost Property Art:
A voluntary group, founded in 2000, LOSTPROPERY staged its inaugural show ‘360°at the Roundhouse’ in January 2001. The group is made up of a diverse range of artists and performers, including everything from dance to installation. Self-funded to date, LOSTPROPERTY relies on contributions from its member artists and the public.

About The Bargehouse – Coin Street
The Bargehouse is part of Oxo Tower Wharf, owned by Coin Street Community Builders, a development trust and social enterprise, and located at the heart of the fast moving South Bank area of London. It is a vast untouched 4 storey warehouse, formerly home to The Museum Of. The work of Lost Property’s 100+ artists will be shown throughout the building.
Further enquires please contact: Louise King at Oxo Tower Wharf on 0207 401 3610

'slash' motif by Michael Hernan
Photography Nigel Beatty



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