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Alex Chilton Was My Hero! (NEW)

Monday 18th October 2004 (then Every week - we hope!!)

The Social, London W1

Doors: 7.00pm-12mid-night (Tubes finish @ 12.30 from Oxford Circus)

Entry: FREE

Line-up: The Social is the bar run by the label with an influential past & still ongoing in the search for 'talent'- Heavenly Recordings. This venue has so many good varied nights on, every day of the week (apart from Sunday). We are gonna play guitar based indie, Rock'n'Roll, Groovy'n'roll Psychedelic Sounds and Alternative Rip-Roaring New Wave Punk'n'Roll + Some retro Soul/Funk. Hand picked tunes from a well known London band manager - Krupa, who has had years of digging around flea-markets, dusty record shops, stealing and borrowin'. Also gaining music from Artists such as Damian Hirst,Band Managers Such as Gareth Evans (Ex Roses) & Studios such as Rockfield Studios & various labels. They'll be some surprise tunes on this nite. Great songs you never thought existed, to new music hot of the press from Record labels in the Uk, Europe & US. We wanna buildup something for a regular Monday slot. There is F**K all going on, on Monday, but you know where we are. Requests are welcome, and if you wanna bring a relavant Cd to play, then it will be played (as long as its a good tempo and not too obvious). Test what the dj knows already, bring something that will enlighten and sound fresh...

**Band Alert** You may bring your new recordings, and if we like it'll get a spin (No Slow Songs). We are currently looking for acts to manage so if you've got what it takes then come on down. Learn from the music we play what you need to makes it. ** ...and maybe even get it heard by the Heavenly staff!! If its good enough + uptempo enough it will be passed on...Yes, of course its a f***ing bribe to get ya' lazi ass down to hear the best Guitar based Dj set in the World! But its Gospel truth...

Address: The Social, 5 Little Portland Street London W1W 7JD

Tel: 020 7636 4992
Web: /

Tube: Oxford Circus / Tottenham Court Road


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