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House gallery, 70 Camberwell Church Street

Opening Friday 8 October 7-9pm
9 to 21 October open daily 1-6pm

In ‘Losing Ground’ Adrian Jeans and Andrew Hladky work from proverbs and photos, playing with the way they can seem to offer a clichéd summation of life or experience. The familiarity of the subject-matter is undermined through the creation of unsettling arrangements and through their working processes - mixing together different forms of representation. This results in a feeling of instability in the work, suggesting other strange readings beyond the immediate appearances proverbs and photos might offer. It also results in both artists questioning their own means and the possibility of clear and effective communication through their own media.

In Andrew’s photograph paintings fleeting, subjective sensations, such as after-images and double-images caused by shifts of focus are recorded using sharpened cocktail sticks in thin, raised lines of oil paint. These lines are gradually layered, building into tall ridges which cause the image to distort and break-down from different angles. Sometimes the palette and broken cocktail sticks used for the painting are also incorporated - painted over or left bare. The image of the photo becomes only one facet of the work, breaking down and contorting from the side in sculptural masses of paint. These masses of paint disturb the image even whilst creating it, growing like mould or often rupturing the surface and sometimes interacting with and threatening the people within the image.

Adrian’s approach to making work is based on proverbs and the proverbial way of thinking. He depicts the human figure using a variety of drawing and modelling styles, arranging the resultant collection of stylistically contrasting images on a flat picture plane. Adrian uses different styles in each work to add subtle twists of meaning to otherwise standard concepts of human interaction; our perceptions of self and of others. The works disrupt any hopes we might have of simple readings by opening these ideas up to new possible interpretations, forcing us to question our acceptance of what they stand for. The resin cast relief sculptures combine images in both two and three dimensions, employing various techniques which blur the boundaries between sculpture, drawing and painting. The paper works similarly combine other methods associated with painting, print-making and drawing.

Andrew (b. 1978) studied at Newcastle University and then Wimbledon School of Art. Adrian
(b. 1979) studied at Glasgow School of Art before teaching sculpture at the Kwame Nkrumah University in Ghana for two years. Both artists are currently based in Cambridge and have exhibited around the country and internationally. This is their first joint exhibition in London.

house gallery
70 Camberwell church street


020 73584475


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