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291 Gallery

291 Gallery

A night of Performance, Music and Film presented by Anne Pigalle- an antidote to the constant bombardment of generic pornographic images we witness everyday in the media. Erotic Revue is about subjective ideas not homogenic concepts, which is far more dangerous as it links sex with questions about desire and love. Anne Pigalle has travelled the world and observed that there is more than one fantasy - so, especially for you, she is intoducing a few of her friends..... Let your senses ponder, your imagination flow, it is the first step towards freedom.
X amount of poetry - suspense established by Anne Pigalle.
Un Chant D¹amour, by Jean Genet - a foetid homo-erotic fantasy emerging from the shadows of a prison cell - presented by Allan Bairstow.
Esther Planas perturbs the pornographic code by performing Lost Rabbit, a naïve piece about childhood involving a plush.
Transit - from a film directed by Anita Makris - A man and a woman describe their love in an orgiastic gourmand¹s blow out.
Night Vision - a short film by Farah Mohamed - A couple in a shower, looking like a painting. Songs to electronic music performed by Anne Pigalle, include the infamous Sesso and A Moment of Passion, where sensuality gets out of control.
Nick Barclay acclaimed author of Curvy Lovebox and Hooky Gear, known for his speciality in theiving and nicknamed The King of the London Underworld, reads a short story.
I Jumped in the River, a film by Tommaso Del Signore - the reminiscences of an 80 year old lady with dementia syndrome who always wanted to be a naughty star.
Anne Pigalle sings songs of dark ecstasy, Justine plays piano.
Followed by Music, Gossip, People and Dancing until 2am
bar opens 6pm, programme from 8pm-2am, entry £5

Thursday 29th May
Curated by Steve Molyneux - Utrophia is continuing it's series of events at 291 Gallery with a varied and engaging night of diverse DJ sets and live music, as well as projected work from video and film artists. Featuring The Naciente Quartet and The Stained Glass Heroes with accompanying visuals from Inlightentertainment the Schoon Collective, various video work from associated artists, plus resident DJ's playing across many genres of experimental sounds.
bar opens 6pm, screenings and performances from 7pm - £3

For more 291 Gallery Programme information or to join our mailing list contact Lisa Jensen

Transportation: Nearest underground stations are Liverpool St, Old Street and Bethnal Green.
Buses - 55 from Old Street and 48 or 26 from Liverpool Street

291 Gallery
Director: Edwina Orr
291 Hackney Road, London E2 8NA
T:020 7613 5676 F:020 7613 5692
email: http//


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