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Douglas Gordon
Hayward Gallery - what have I done
1 November 2002 - 5 January 2003

Douglas Gordon is one of the most prominent artists of his generation. Gordon uses video, film and original material to explore themes such as temptation and fear, life and death, good and evil and guilt and innocence. He pulls the viewer into a world of active involvement in order to convey a perception of familiar and unfamiliar. Often epic in scale, his work includes film, photography, installation, text and sound.

Gordon's show is specifically designed for the space at the Hayward Gallery. He has brought together his work from the past 10 years for his first major exhibition in London. The exhibition starts with the lights down low, as you enter you pass through a dark room and presented with a huge screen projection of Hitchcock's Psycho which is spookily slowed down so that the whole thing lasts 24 hours. Gordon uses a scattering of monitors to throw the audience and create a profound and overpowering awareness. One room is completely illuminated by UV strip lights, so you can't see the walls or the exit creating a state of confusion and maybe panic. The exhibition leaves you feeling a little queasy and maybe slightly distressed.

Hayward Gallery
Belvedere Road

020 7960 5226



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