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Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March


Sat 15 Mar, 8.15pm
Naming The Golem: Dis/Orient

'Not your average Jew-do' Jewish Chronicle
An extra-special line-up for the Golem's first eclectic session of 2003. To start off the night with a bang, French Algerian legend piano legend Maurice El Medioni, the 75-year old 'Ruben Gonzalez of the Maghreb' showcases his incredible jazzy Cuban Rai vibes with an exclusive solo set alongside the sensuous Middle Eastern dancing of Mia Serra. Then get ready for UK sensation Oi-Va-Voi tearing up the stage with their explosive mix of klezmer, punk, dub, house and drum&bass. Nominated for BBC World Music Awards 2003, featured on the new Buddha Bar, Oi-Va-Voi are shaping up to be THE sensation of 2003. With supertight Afrobeat selector DJ Quinton Scott (Strut Records) and resident DJ from Momos facing off in the bar till late.
£9, £8 Concs. £7 ICA Members Theatre



14 Man Without a Past Cinema 1 4.30,8.30pm
Fri Flying With One Wing Cinema 1 6.30pm
Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
In the Mood for Love Cinema 2 8.45pm

15 Man Without A Past Cinema 1
Sat Ten Cinema 2 5pm
Let's Talk Cinema 1 6.30pm
Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
In the Mood for Love Cinema 2 8.45pm

16 Mr & Mrs Iyer Cinema 1 2pm
Sun Germany Year Zero Cinema 2 3pm
Man Without A Past Cinema 1
Ten Cinema 2 5pm
Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
In the Mood for Love Cinema 2 8.45pm

17 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30,
Mon Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
Don't Look Now Cinema 2 8.45pm

18 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30,
Tues Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
Don't Look Now Cinema 2 8.45pm

19 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30, 9pm
Wed Pickpocket Cinema 2 7pm
Don't Look Now Cinema 2 8.45pm

20 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30,
Thurs Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
Pickpocket Cinema 2 9pm

Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March

**First Run Release**
The Man Without a Past (Mies Vailla Menneisyytta)
'Pure cinematic joy' Sight & Sound
'sublime... the feel-good success of the festival' Observer
'A rare pleasure' Guardian
A delirious mixture of black comedy, film noir and love story, Kaurismäki's rapturously received film triumphed at the Cannes Film Festival where it took a multitude of prizes. Markku Pellota plays the title character 'M' a man who arrives in Helsinki to be set upon by thugs and pronounced dead by medics. By some miracle he comes to, wandering the streets with no memory of his past or his identity. Rebuilding his life from scratch, 'M' acquires a dog named Hannibal and falls in love with a Salvation Army volunteer. But the past inevitably catches up with him and the man must then confront his future.
Dir Aki Kaurismäki, Finland/Germany/France 2002, 97 mins, Finnish with English subtitles

**First Run Release**
'Blissful ... a pleasure to watch' New York Times 'Inspirational and unexpectedly moving' Film Comment This award-winning film is an intimate portrait of the brilliant, controversial philosopher and intellectual icon Jacques Derrida, whose theory of 'deconstruction' has deeply influenced the studies of literature, philosophy, ethics, architecture and law, indelibly marking the intellectual landscape of the 20th and 21st centuries. Combining rare private footage of Derrida with his reflections on deconstruction, violence, love and death, the film investigates the concept of biography and explores the relationship between the public and the private.
Dir Kirby Dick/Amy Ziering Kofman, US 2002, 85 mins


'profoundly compassionate, funny, wise... Time Out
'mesmerising and brilliant...' Daily Telegraph
' ***** the very best of the year' Guardian
Kiarostami's latest film took last year's Cannes Film Festival by storm with not only its revelation of the emotional life of contemporary Iran, but its extraordinary, Godardian reinvention of the cinematic form itself. Focusing tightly on a driver (the wonderful Mania Akbari) and her passengers, Ten opens on an incredible exchange with her young son, the very model of burgeoning masculinity. We meet her sister, an elderly woman going to prayer, a prostitute and a heartbroken friend, as the driver and her passengers argue, joke, cajole and console one another through the course of ten brief journeys.
Dir Abbas Kiarostami, France/Iran 2002, 94 mins, Farsi with English subtitles

Don't Look Now
'A superbly chilling essay in the supernatural' Time Out
Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie play a couple who flee to Venice in the wake of their young daughter's tragic death, only to be returned to her in numerous and horrific ways. Hypnotically brilliant as it works remorselessly toward its final dislocation. Dir Nicolas Roeg, GB/Italy 1973, 110 mins

In the Mood for Love
'lovingly noticed and brilliantly realised' Guardian
Set in the Hong Kong of the early 1960s, Wong Kar Wai's latest film is an exquisitely nuanced account of a man and his female neighbour who both discover that their respective spouses are having an affair. Superbly acted by Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung, whose combined presence fairly causes the screen to drip desire. Dir Wong Kar Wai, Hong Kong 2000, 97 mins, English subtitles

Let's Talk
The Gujrals are a couple in their 50s - Sati is a part time music teacher in a school for Tibetan children and Gopi is a doctor in a government hospital and at the District Jail. Their only son, Ashok, is a pilot who calls home at the same appointed time, unerringly every week. But the peace of this household is inadvertently shattered by a mistaken call from a young boy trying desperately to reach his mother. Dir Ram Madhvani, India 2002, 95 mins, English subtitles

Flying with One Wing
(Tani Tatuwen Piyabanna)
Without doubt the most revolutionary South Asian film of the year. Asoka Handagama presents an extreme image of contemporary Sri Lanka where women are the under class, suffering the weight of tradition and male desire. In the midst of this conformity is an edgy story of transexuality. Manju is a boyish car mechanic who holds his own in the male world of the garage. After work he returns home to his young wife Kusum. They are happy together, but Manju conceals a secret identity from his wife: he was born a woman. One day after an accident Manju's secret is exposed to a doctor who becomes obsessed with him. Unable to have him, the doctor breaks Manju's secret to his boss setting in train a series of events which force Manju to face up to a wife who has been misled and a community marked by homophobia and sexism. Dir Asoka Handagama, Sri Lanka 2002, 81 mins, English subtitles

Mr & Mrs Iyer
Aparna Sen's first true story is set against the communal violence that sporadically erupts in today's India. Meenakshi, (and her nine month old son are leaving a hill station resort for Kolkata. She is introduced to Raja, a photographer and they leave in a packed bus that winds down the hillsides. As dusk falls the bus is stopped and the journey quickly turns into a claustrophobic nightmare as an angry mob of Hindu villagers force their way on board looking for Moslems. Meenakshi finding out that Raja is actually a Moslem, saves him from death by announcing to the extremists that they are a Hindu couple. The two strangers, although from very different cultural backgrounds are together pitted against the heat of mindless violence. Initial distrust gradually melts into inter-dependence and love. With Rahul Bose, Konkona Sensharma, Bisham Sahan. Dir Aparna Sen, India 2002, 120 mins, English subtitles

'One of the few postwar European films that is both cerebral and sensual' Time Out Inspired by Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, an examination of a thief who deems himself above the laws and conditions of ordinary men. Michel haunts the subways, city streets and racetracks to ply his trade. He plays a game of wits with a paternal police inspector and walls his heart off from the affections of the quiet young woman who looks after his dying mother. Bresson's direction strips his non-professional cast of affectation and motivation, making them 'blank slates' defined by the accumulation of actions and words. Despite its daring, Pickpocket is no thriller but a powerful, profound search for meaning and spiritual enlightenment by a man who believes in nothing but himself. An allegory on the insufficiency of human resources, a tone poem on displaced desire. Dir Robert Bresson, France 1959, 75 mins

Germany, Year Zero
'A horror movie that declines to tease' Time Out
A long opening tracking shot through Berlin's ruins under the 1945 Occupation is both documentary and a hallucinatory voyage through a stone-age city - the perfect illustration that realist film can also forge fantasy. The film sparks against the story of a boy who works the black market selling Hitler souvenirs for chewing gum and who will kill his sick father out of a mixture of mercy and regard for the whisperings of his old Nazi teacher. Dir Robert Rossellini, Italy/Germany 1947, 74 mins

Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March

>From 29 Jan-16 Mar, 12-7.30pm

Publicness features three artists, Jens Haaning, Matthieu Laurette, and Aleksandra Mir. Collectively, they operate between Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America. Haaning recently showed in Documenta 11, Kassel, Germany (2002). Laurette showed in Plateau of Humankind, 49th Venice Biennale (2001). Aleksandra Mir represented Sweden in the Sydney Biennale (2002). All three artists work with and interrogate the notion of the public realm. The majority of their works are not conceived primarily for gallery display but are developed within larger economies. Taking the form of a three-way conversation Publicness presents newly commissioned projects alongside existing works that explore travel, migration, consumerism, marketing strategies, art production systems and mass-media culture. Publicness will be dealt with on many different levels, including the artist as a public persona, the institution as a public space and the production and circulation of public information. The artists will also explore how diverse public projects can be presented within a gallery context whilst maintaining the significance and meaning of the work. The title Publicness may sound slightly odd, out of place, or possibly foreign. However, the word also promises a sense of generosity, a desire to give something to the public and to share certain ideals.

Amongst other projects, Jens Haaning shows Ma'lesh (who cares) (2002), a giant illuminated sign, along with photographs depicting refugees living in Copenhagen produced in the style of a commercial fashion shoot. He also presents Foreigners Free at the box office, allowing free entry for anyone who isn't British.

In association with Déjà vu - The Fifth International Lookalike Convention, held during the ICA Private View, Matthieu Laurette shows video footage and posters from previous International Lookalike Conventions he has organised. He also presents his ongoing Citizenship Project. In the upper galleries, Aleksandra Mir exhibits a selection of evolving and completed projects, such as Stonehenge II, a proposal for a replica to save the original from erosion, and First Woman on the Moon (Casco Projects, 1999), a video documentation of a one-day event that took place in Holland to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original moon landing. Upper and Lower Galleries Mon-Fri £1.50; £1.00 concs; FREE with ICA membership. Sat & Sun £2.50; £1.50 concs; FREE with ICA membership Foreigners Free

>From 29 Jan-16 Mar, 12-7.30pm

Also in the upper gallery, an exhibition featuring Matthieu Laurette's unique archive of bottle labels designed or illustrated by modern and contemporary artists, including Tacita Dean, Keith Haring, Vincent Van Gogh, Damien Hirst, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Mark Wallinger and Andy Warhol.

Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March


Wed 19 Mar, 7pm
Mike Davis: Dreaming Infinity LA and Las Vegas Devour the Desert?
A rare opportunity to hear MacArthur fellow Mike Davis, visionary essayist, prophet of ecological and urban doom, and author of City of Quartz, the seminal study of the architecture of America's west coast and the post modernist philosophies his book describes. Davis gives a one-off, illustrated talk about the paranoid dreams of the desert palaces of Las Vegas and of the landscape of control and power enacted by the planners of 21st century American cities. Davis's new book Dead Cities: A Natural History in which he explores the future of urban life in the face of catastrophic terrorism, global warming, and runaway capitalism, is published this month.
£8, £7 Concs, £6 ICA Members

Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March


Fri 14 Mar, 8pm
Full Length 24: J-Walk vs La Planete Sauvage
Meet J-Walk, Manchester production duo Martin Brew and Martin Desai, with their battered holdall full of 7" dynamite and an innate sense of the funk. Their debut album release on East West A Night On The Rocks was met with great acclaim at the end of last year. For tonight's event, they soundtrack one of their favourite films, the cult French animation La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) (Rene Laloux, 1973) - a world influenced by the work of fantasists such as Bosch and Odilon Redon as we follow the Oms struggle against their 40 foot masters, the oppressive Draags! Menacing landscapes, intestinal plants, and post-historic monsters all come together in this stunning film. £10, £9 Concs. £8 ICA Members Theatre

Wed 19 Mar, 8pm
XFM Flo-Motion presents Musiikal
Nick Luscombe's Flo-Motion radio show begins an exciting new residency at London's ICA, with a bi-monthly programme of new music events. Broadcasting from 10pm to midnight every Sunday evening on 104.9 XFM, Flo-Motion offers a platform for electronica from around the world. The first event of this new residency features new music makers and DJs from Tallinn, Estonia. Hosted by Nick Luscombe, who will also DJ during the evening. Nick will be previewing the event with an XFM Flo-Motion special featuring words and music from various artists and label owners based in Tallinn.
£4, £3 Concs. Free ICA Members

Thur 20 Mar, Workshop 6.30pm; Club 8.30-1am
More subversive pop fun with re-appropriated popular music in the ICA bar. Workshop participants are let loose later that night, warping top 30 tunes. Frankie the Robot directs the bootleg massacre as guest DJ Doctor Beck
(Raya) plays the latest ready made rock meets RnB meets bhangra bootlegs to a stunning visual light clash from Nickin and Mavis (fresh from touring with Badly Drawn Boy) and Raya.
Workshop: Make your own bootlegs in a 90 minute crash course in the latest audio-visual software that allows existing tracks to be perfectly spliced together creating brand new bootlegs live.
Club: £5, £4 Concs. Free to ICA Members
Workshop: £4, £3 Concs.

Sun 16 Mar, 3-9pm
The National Music Network presents Underground Music Clash Over the course of the day, eight bands will play live sets, and get feedback and advice from a panel of A&R professionals. Get advice on how to get a record deal or advance your career in the music industry from key music industry professionals. Meet the people who make the industry tick. For details go to Please bring all demos with you on the day . The National Music Network is a not for profit organisation, supported by NME. £6, £5 Concs. £4 ICA Members Theatre

Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March

Thur 13 Feb-Sat 15 Mar
Forget Me Not and other Stories
Julie Verhoeven, Peter Saville, Hussein Chalayan, Marcus Tomlinson, Yoko Ikeno, James Paterson, Amit Pitaru and more. An exhibition of work which lies at the intersection of fashion, animation and illustration. Forget me not and other stories examines the breadth of practice that emerges when new technologies engage the best of design talent. The New Media Centre is excited to open its doors to a collection of new work from across the globe. Practitioners at the vanguard of their practice present their work alongside some of the established names in the area, many drawn from Nick Knight's leading online initiative SHOWstudio. Designer and Fashion illustrator Julie Verhoeven joins forces with graphic design legend Peter Saville to create her first interactive piece Forget me not an interactive wallpaper made for SHOWstudio, while a collaboration between British fashion designer Hussein Chalayan and art director Marcus Tomlinson yields some unexpected results. Don't miss fashion illustrator Yoko Ikeno's rendering of the best of this season's collections and experience the sophisticated abstraction of James Patterson and Amit Pitaru's collaborative animations. £1.50; £1.00 concs; FREE with ICA membership. Sat & Sun £2.50; £1.50 concs; Free with ICA Day Membership New Media Centre

Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March

Wed 19 Mar-Thur 20 Mar
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind
of Someone from Suffolk
'A fascinating insight into theology, celebrity and death' Nicholas Parsons What happens when you die? Does your soul live on? Does your spirit spend a restless eternity haunting the halls and cellars of National Trust properties? Or does your consciousness vanish forever like an alka-seltzer in a paddling pool? These are the big questions. And who better to answer them than Elvis Presley, Gwyneth Paltrow, William Shakespeare, Saddam Hussein and Tiger Woods. A digital spectacular from artist Charlie Skelton and Anthropics Technology, the London based provider of visual messaging technology For further information visit Free with ICA Day Membership Theatre


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