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ICA LISTINGS - Friday 21 March - Thursday 27 March

Fri 21 Mar, 9pm
Spread Love presents
M.C. Paul Barman plus Aspects
'Paul's flow is less about hipping and hopping than graphing quadratic equations, but who's complaining?' Village Voice Spread Love and Coup D'Etat records present the exclusive UK debut of New Jersey rapper Paul Barman. An uncanny lyricist, his crafty combination of polysyllabic multi-rhymes, pop culture references, mathematics, comedy, sex and politics, as found on debut album Paullelujah! demands repeated close listening. His curly locks and Jewish heritage defy hip-hop convention but his DIY ethics and penchant for wordplay make him a quintessential rapper. Special guests are Bristol's surrealist hip-hop crew Aspects with Spread Love residents Yoda, James and Rob on the decks in the bar and theatre. £10, £9 Concs, £8 ICA Members Theatre, Bar

Friday 21 March - Thursday 27 March


21 Man Without a Past Cinema 1
Fri Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
Red Desert Cinema 2 8.45pm

22 Digital Showcase Cinema 2 1pm

Sat Man Without A Past Cinema 1
Ten Cinema 2 4.30pm
Derrida Cinema 2 6.30pm
Red Desert Cinema 2 8.30pm

23 Pickpocket Cinema 2 2.30pm
Sun Man Without A Past Cinema 1
Ten Cinema 2 4.30pm
Derrida Cinema 2 6.30pm
Red Desert Cinema 2 8.30pm

24 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30,
Mon Derrida Cinema 2 6.15pm
Mulholland Drive Cinema 2 8pm

25 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30, 9pm
Tues Derrida Cinema 2 6.15pm
Mulholland Drive Cinema 2 8pm

26 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30,
Wed Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Cinema 2 6.15pm
Mulholland Drive Cinema 2 8pm

27 Man Without A Past Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30,
Thurs Derrida Cinema 2 7pm
Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Cinema 2 8.45pm


Friday 21 March - Thursday 27 March

**First Run Release**
The Man Without a Past (Mies Vailla Menneisyytta)
'Pure cinematic joy' Sight & Sound
'sublime... the feel-good success of the festival' Observer
'A rare pleasure' Guardian
A delirious mixture of black comedy, film noir and love story, Kaurismäki's rapturously received film triumphed at the Cannes Film Festival where it took a multitude of prizes. Markku Pellota plays the title character 'M' a man who arrives in Helsinki to be set upon by thugs and pronounced dead by medics. By some miracle he comes to, wandering the streets with no memory of his past or his identity. Rebuilding his life from scratch, 'M' acquires a dog named Hannibal and falls in love with a Salvation Army volunteer. But the past inevitably catches up with him and the man must then confront his future.
Dir Aki Kaurismäki, Finland/Germany/France 2002, 97 mins, Finnish with English subtitles

**First Run Release**
'Blissful ... a pleasure to watch' New York Times 'Inspirational and unexpectedly moving' Film Comment This award-winning film is an intimate portrait of the brilliant, controversial philosopher and intellectual icon Jacques Derrida, whose theory of 'deconstruction' has deeply influenced the studies of literature, philosophy, ethics, architecture and law, indelibly marking the intellectual landscape of the 20th and 21st centuries. Combining rare private footage of Derrida with his reflections on deconstruction, violence, love and death, the film investigates the concept of biography and explores the relationship between the public and the private.
Dir Kirby Dick/Amy Ziering Kofman, US 2002, 85 mins

'profoundly compassionate, funny, wise... Time Out
'mesmerising and brilliant...' Daily Telegraph
' ***** the very best of the year' Guardian
Kiarostami's latest film took last year's Cannes Film Festival by storm with not only its revelation of the emotional life of contemporary Iran, but its extraordinary, Godardian reinvention of the cinematic form itself. Focusing tightly on a driver (the wonderful Mania Akbari) and her passengers, Ten opens on an incredible exchange with her young son, the very model of burgeoning masculinity. We meet her sister, an elderly woman going to prayer, a prostitute and a heartbroken friend, as the driver and her passengers argue, joke, cajole and console one another through the course of ten brief journeys.
Dir Abbas Kiarostami, France/Iran 2002, 94 mins, Farsi with English subtitles

The Red Desert
(Deserto Rosso)
'extraordinary and riveting'
Time Out
The alienated wife of an electronics engineer wanders bewildered through a modern industrial landscape that Antonioni has coloured in the most startling and original way imaginable. A hauntingly intricate plot and an extraordinary central performance by the wonderful Monica Vitti. Dir Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy/France 1964, 116 mins

'One of the few postwar European films that is both cerebral and sensual' Time Out Inspired by Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, an examination of a thief who deems himself above the laws and conditions of ordinary men. Michel haunts the subways, city streets and racetracks to ply his trade. He plays a game of wits with a paternal police inspector and walls his heart off from the affections of the quiet young woman who looks after his dying mother. Bresson's direction strips his non-professional cast of affectation and motivation, making them 'blank slates' defined by the accumulation of actions and words. Despite its daring, Pickpocket is no thriller but a powerful, profound search for meaning and spiritual enlightenment by a man who believes in nothing but himself. An allegory on the insufficiency of human resources, a tone poem on displaced desire. Dir Robert Bresson, France 1959, 75 mins

Mulholland Drive
'Steamily inspired ... deliciously clever' Guardian
A compelling epic set amongst the hills and hidden corners of Los Angeles, the labyrinthine plot follows the fate of a young beauty who crawls from the wreckage of a car crash to assume another identity. Ominously suspenseful and full of surprises with an extraordinary central twist. Dir David Lynch, US/France 2001, 146 mins

The Chronicle of Anna Magdelena Bach
'beautiful ...' Time Out
Documenting the last three decades of Bach's life through the mediating eyes of his wife, Straub's extraordinarily lucid film is predominantly concerned with the relationship between music and performance. With his minimalist sensitivity to nuance and inflection, Straub eschews extraneous editing and camera movement to stunning effect. Dir Jean-Marie Straub, Italy/Germany 1968, 93 mins

Friday 14 March - Thursday 20 March

>From 29 Jan-16 Mar, 12-7.30pm
Publicness features three artists, Jens Haaning, Matthieu Laurette, and Aleksandra Mir. Collectively, they operate between Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America. Haaning recently showed in Documenta 11, Kassel, Germany (2002). Laurette showed in Plateau of Humankind, 49th Venice Biennale (2001). Aleksandra Mir represented Sweden in the Sydney Biennale (2002). All three artists work with and interrogate the notion of the public realm. The majority of their works are not conceived primarily for gallery display but are developed within larger economies. Taking the form of a three-way conversation Publicness presents newly commissioned projects alongside existing works that explore travel, migration, consumerism, marketing strategies, art production systems and mass-media culture. Publicness will be dealt with on many different levels, including the artist as a public persona, the institution as a public space and the production and circulation of public information. The artists will also explore how diverse public projects can be presented within a gallery context whilst maintaining the significance and meaning of the work. The title Publicness may sound slightly odd, out of place, or possibly foreign. However, the word also promises a sense of generosity, a desire to give something to the public and to share certain ideals.

Amongst other projects, Jens Haaning shows Ma'lesh (who cares) (2002), a giant illuminated sign, along with photographs depicting refugees living in Copenhagen produced in the style of a commercial fashion shoot. He also presents Foreigners Free at the box office, allowing free entry for anyone who isn't British.

In association with Déjà vu - The Fifth International Lookalike Convention, held during the ICA Private View, Matthieu Laurette shows video footage and posters from previous International Lookalike Conventions he has organised. He also presents his ongoing Citizenship Project. In the upper galleries, Aleksandra Mir exhibits a selection of evolving and completed projects, such as Stonehenge II, a proposal for a replica to save the original from erosion, and First Woman on the Moon (Casco Projects, 1999), a video documentation of a one-day event that took place in Holland to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original moon landing. Upper and Lower Galleries Mon-Fri £1.50; £1.00 concs; FREE with ICA membership. Sat & Sun £2.50; £1.50 concs; FREE with ICA membership Foreigners Free

>From 29 Jan-16 Mar, 12-7.30pm
Also in the upper gallery, an exhibition featuring Matthieu Laurette's unique archive of bottle labels designed or illustrated by modern and contemporary artists, including Tacita Dean, Keith Haring, Vincent Van Gogh, Damien Hirst, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Mark Wallinger and Andy Warhol.

Friday 21 March - Thursday 27 March


21-22 March
Body Missing:
Marc Augé, Vera Frenkel, Paul Ricoeur
A two day conference featuring some of the world's leading academics and philosophical theorists on the meaning of absence in the context of exile, migration, and loss.

Fri 21 Mar, 11am-6pm
Considerations on the Meaning of Absence Part I
This first day focuses on the internationally distinguished multi-media Czech-Canadian artist and cultural theorist Vera Frenkel whose work is currently being exhibited at the Freud Museum. She will talk about her installation and video works that deal with the meaning of absence in the context of post Holocaust and other social conditions of exile, fantasies of redemption, and the aesthetic-technical contexts of cyber-virtuality. A theoretical and historical context for the discussion of this work will be provided by Sigrid Schade, leading feminist art historian from the University of Bremen and author of Art as Loot, and Ryczard Kluczczinski, Polish curator of new media art. Other speakers are Griselda Pollock, whose many books include Differencing the Canon: Feminist Desire and the Writing of Art Histories, Dot Tuer, and Elizabeth Legg.
£9, £8 Concs, £7 ICA Members
Tickets for both days:
£21, £18 Concs, £16 ICA Members
Nash Room

Sat 22 Mar, 2-4pm
Considerations on the Meaning of Absence Part II
Marc Augé, Director of Studies at Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en sciences sociales at the University of Paris and author of Non-Places: Introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity joins Paul Ricoeur retired Professor of Philosophy from Universities of Paris and Chicago and a major philosophical theorist of historical narrative, author of Time and Narrative. They will be in debate with Czech-Canadian multi-media artist and cultural theorist Vera Frenkel about her work in the context of the meaning of absence in contemporary historical consciousness and postmodern social and virtual spatiality. Chaired by the writer and academic Griselda Pollock. £15, £13 Concs, £12 ICA Members Tickets for both days: £21, £18 Concs, £16 ICA Members Cinema 1

Tues 25 Mar, 7pm
Painting on Film:
Twin Peaks and the Art of Production Design
Richard Hoover, production designer for the television series of Twin Peaks, Hollywood Art Director and Visual Effects Consultant on films as diverse as Bob Roberts, Ed Wood, Dead Man Walking, and Girl Interrupted gives an illustrated talk centred on the influence of fine art on contemporary film design. Have artists ever had such a wealth of resources at their disposal, or should they continually return to the gallery in search of inspiration? Hoover will then be in conversation with Hari Kunzru, award-winning author of The Impressionist and music editor of Wallpaper. Followed by a screening of a classic episode of Twin Peaks.
£8, £7 Concs, £6 ICA Members
Cinema 1

Tues 25 Mar, 7.15pm
Sexist Science?
Recently two major reports highlighted the under-representation of women in science, engineering and technology (SET). A disproportionate number of women leave SET, increasing the gender imbalance in these fields. Could this loss threaten our country's competitive position in the global 'knowledge economy'? Are women leaving because of institutional sexism? Tonight's speaker, Nancy Lane, will explore the unique contribution made by Rosalind Franklin to the discovery of DNA, as well as the challenges facing women in science then and now. Lane is a senior research associate at the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge and she is also the project director of the University's Initiative for Women in Science. Tonight's chair is Daniel Glaser, the ICA's first scientist in residence. £5, £4 Concs, £3 ICA Members Nash Room

Friday 21 March - Thursday 27 March


Sat 22 Mar, 8pm
K. Beta
Tonight is a unique chance to catch a glimpse into the intensity of Greek contemporary culture. Founding Stereo Nova in the early nineties, Kostantine Beta (K-Beta) was the first composer to make a case for electronic music in Greece. Since the group split in 1996, he has released numerous solo albums and has composed for documentaries, film and theatre. Tonight, he is presenting electronic compositions from his latest project 'transformations'. Late night screenings in Cinema 2 from 11pm include excerpts from the VideoDanceThessaloniki International Film Festival; the International Short Film Festival in Drama and profiles Christos Dimas. Christos Dimas is one of the current upcoming film-makers in Greece. His first feature film The Cistern was one of the most anticipated films at the 2001 Thessaloniki Film Festival. £5, £4 Concs. £3 ICA Members Cinema 2 : 11pm-1am; 8pm-1am : Bar, Theatre

Friday 21 March - Thursday 27 March


22 Mar, 1pm
Digital Showcase
'I wish that everything was better between us'
The Digital Showcase is delighted to welcome Emma Hedditch and Miranda July who will join Lina D. Russell to host the screening of 'I wish that everything was better between us' - a collaborative video project created especially for the Digital Showcase. Portland based artist Miranda July makes performances and movies, her work has been shown internationally at MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Whitney Biennial. Emma Hedditch is a London based artist working with video. Her work focuses on the politics and practices of working together, and it shows ways in which to create solidarity and active support. £4, £3 Concs. £2 ICA Members Cinema 2

26 & 27 Mar, 4-8pm
Exit Strategy
'A project for all migrants: MEP's, refugees, businessmen/women, nomads, astronauts and actors' Exit Strategy Catalogue The work of Rachel Baker examines networks in various forms - their mechanics, politics and aesthetics. Exit Strategy generates networked discourse and narrative on migratory modes, taking place on train routes around Europe. Accounts of train journeys such as a trip to Sangatte refugee camp and conversations overheard in the first-class carriage are presented
alongside sound recordings and video journeys.
For four weeks, the Digital Studio is transformed into Rachel Baker's base to develop further rail-publishing interventions. Audiences are invited to participate contribute text via SMS.
Free with ICA Day Membership

Friday 21 March - Thursday 27 March


Fri 21 Mar, 12.30, 2, 3.30pm
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind
of Someone from Suffolk
'A fascinating insight into theology, celebrity and death' Nicholas Parsons What happens when you die? Does your soul live on? Does your spirit spend a restless eternity haunting the halls and cellars of National Trust properties? Or does your consciousness vanish forever like an alka-seltzer in a paddling pool? These are the big questions. And who better to answer them than Elvis Presley, Gwyneth Paltrow, William Shakespeare, Saddam Hussein and Tiger Woods. A digital spectacular from artist Charlie Skelton and Anthropics Technology, the London based provider of visual messaging technology For further information visit Free with ICA Day Membership Theatre

Wed 26, Thur 27 Mar, 8pm
Bodies in Flight presents Skinworks
Three performers cruise the web, crashing chat-rooms, flipping identities, spinning yarns, beguiling, ensnaring unsuspecting novices, seducing each other, pushing imagination beyond the tech spec, mailing valentines into the void. Partly made in Chicago and in collaboration with the band Angel Tech and film-maker Lucy Baldwyn, Skinworks - a linked web-performance event - marks the culmination of Bodies in Flight's exploration of cyberlove, how new desires and moods of love
emerge from sex without bodies.
Limited space; early booking is advisable.
£8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA Members



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