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Percy Miller gallery Grace Weir - Meanwhile Elsewhere


"It is no longer time that exists between two instants; it is the event that is a meanwhile"*

Percy Miller gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in London of exceptional film installations by Grace Weir. The gallery will be transformed to house 5 of Weir's works: Clock, The Turning Point, Forgetting (the vanishing point), and Folly, a new work specifically made for this exhibition. The gallery window will be boarded up except for a small area through which a monitor will display The Clearing which will be viewable from the street. Grace Weir represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2001.

Weir's films explore issues relating to time and space and stem from her interests in the interplay of philosophy - particularly the cinematic writings of the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze - and physics and ideas concerning time and relativity. Her approach is to take our narrative expectations and to disorientate us by subverting them. This is particularly true in her short film The Turning Point, filmed on the Howth Road in north Dublin. Devoid of dialogue, and with only one character, it opens with a shot of a suburban early modernist house and from here a simple narrative framework unfolds hinging on a final aberrant twist.

To convey her ideas, Weir often uses natural phenomena such as clouds, water and wind. Frequently using circularity as opposed to linearity, she is interested in the question of whether the imaginative experience of fiction through film and video can contribute to our understanding of time. "...rain today transforms yesterday into a day before rain."** An interest in Brunelleschi's work on linear perspective led Weir to film Forgetting, (The Vanishing Point) in which a small white cloud dissipates slowly over ten minutes.

Grace Weir was born in Dublin in 1962. She studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and in 1997 she received her M.Sc. in Multimedia from Trinity College, Dublin. In 1991 Weir was selected for a PS1 residency at the Institute for Art and Urban Resources, New York. In 2000 she had a solo exhibition at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin. In 2001 Wier represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale 49th International Art Exhibition followed by a solo exhibition, Around Now, at John Curtin Gallery, Perth, Australia. In 2002 she was in Flights of Reality, Kettles Yard, UK. She has shown extensively in Ireland and Europe and in the US including PS1; Palm Beach ICA, Florida; Locks Gallery, Philadelphia; and InsideArt Gallery, Chicago.

*D.N. Rodowick "The Memory of Resistance." In A Deleuzian Century? Ed. Ian Buchanan. Durham: Duke University Press, 1999.
**Gregory Currie "Can There be a Literary Philosophy of Time?" In The Arguments of Time Ed. Jeremy Butterfield. The British Academy: Oxford University Press, 1999

The exhibition has been generously supported by the Cultural Relations Committee Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism, Ireland.
Thanks to The Delfina Studio Trust for technical assistance

Percy Miller gallery
Grace Weir - Meanwhile Elsewhere
Wednesday 9th April - Friday 9th May

39 Snowfields
London, SE1 3SU
Information: 020 7207 4578




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