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SpaceX Gallery - Exeter - review by Hannah Hayward

SpaceX Gallery


Jyll Bradley, Marcus Coates, Andrew Dodds, John Drever and Tony Whitehead, Jussi Heikkila, Rona Lee, Rachel Lowe, Harriet MacDougall, Quack-project,
Sophy Rickett, Katy Shepherd, Hans Waanders

Untill 26th April

Since the Spacex Gallery opened it has become an important part of Exeter life and their new exhibition is no exception. Flock explores the
relationship between humans and birds and is in time for spring and the increased bird activity seen on the river Exe’s estuary at this time of year.

Featuring a range of artists the exhibition is heavily video based. Although on the whole the exhibition is at best mediocre it was well worth the visit
for Marcus Coates, video piece A guide to the British Non-Passerines(2002). Coates, smartly dressed in thick rimmed glasses, impersonates the sounds of the 86 different varieties of the non-perching species. The result is worryingly accurate and worryingly funning. But with so many video pieces it is simply too long. Only a patient person will last the duration.

The only other notable piece was Called Dodo by Katy Shepheard but only because it wasn’t working. Although apon reflection that may well of been
the point.

There are a series of events to accompany this exhibition.

SpaceX Gallery
45 Preston Street
Exeter EX1 1DF
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1392 431786
Fax: +44 (0) 1392 213786




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