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Whiteleys Shopping Centre @ The Atrium Gallery

Whiteleys Shopping Centre @ The Atrium Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Reach 220,000 wealthy shoppers per week - a chance to sell direct to the public under one roof !
Central London's largest shopping centre

Optional Dates
6th - 12th October 2003 - 1 Week . Cost per Artist is £705
6th - 19th October 2003 - 2 Week . Cost per Artist is £998

Special price concession are available for 3 -8 Groups of Artist.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above Exhibition dates or share an Exhibition Stand with a fellow artist then send us your email confirmation and we will send you an entry form.

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Calls For Artists Entries - Online Artists Opportunities

Exhibition Dates 2003 - 2004. Call For International Artist Entries

You are invited to participant in our forthcoming Exhibition dates

Establish, Emerging Artists, Art Graduates and Studio Group Artists - working in any medium
International Art Galleries you are interested in participating in any of the above opportunities, then send us your URL by email.

The Atrium Gallery - Top Floor
Whiteleys Shopping Centre
Queensway, London Outside Central London congestion charge zone

Group Art Exhibition at The Atrium Gallery

Autumn Exhibition - 6th -12th October 2003:1 Week. Mon-Sun
Autumn Exhibition - 6th -19th October 2003:2 Weeks Mon-Sun

Exhibition Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 9.00 am - 12 Midnight

Floor Space Capacity
117 Square Meters - surrounding floor space

Exhibition Objectives
To exhibit and sell range of art accessories to the general public, commercial retail and trade market, corporate companies, art and interior consultants, tourist and more. To generate commercial trade and gain commission enquiries, networking opportunities.

Customer Profile
Reach 220,000 wealthy shoppers who visit Whiteleys shopping centre each week
1 mile from the centre of London's West End. Elegant surroundings.
Invited guests: Art consultants, interior consultants, art buyers and gallery owners etc
Businesses, corporate clients, commercial retail trade.

Also visit our web site for other Exhibition venues and dates between 2003 - 2004. Interested ? Confirm your booking now!

If you are interested in participating send us your URL by email.

Email address:


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