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V&A - Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance
A day of talks, dance and jazz to celebrate the black cultural revolution of the Deco years coinciding with V&A's major exhibition Sunday 29 June 2003 To coincide with the V&A's highly successful exhibition, Art Deco 1910-1939, the V&A looks at the cultural revolution produced by black people during the Deco days.

The Art Deco style flourished between the two world wars, an eclectic and exciting response to the demands of the modern world. Two important centres of this revolution were Harlem and Paris, where a group of talented black artists produced an extraordinary body of new work including literature, music, dance and photography. To celebrate this outpouring of creativity, the V&A hosts a day of free talks, performances, film shows and events.

There will be talks, readings of poetry and literature from the period by black writers, tea dance demonstrations featuring the Charleston, live jazz performances and film from the Harlem Renaissance.

The line-up of speakers includes:
Petrine Archer-Straw, author of Negrophilia, on whether black people fulfilled the role of accessories to the Art Deco phenomenon. Carla Breeze will discuss the iconic work of Harlem photographer James VanDerZeee.
David A Bailey, co-curator of the exhibition Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance will look at the impetus behind the Harlem Renaissance movement. Paul Oliver will look at the response of the Harlem writers to the jazz music of the period.



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