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Tim Blake 'Big City Attitude'. The exhibition runs from the 4th to 31st July 2003 at Catto Contemporary, London. ‘Street chic and urban glamour’ are clearly the primary influences for Tim's work. A cropped band, like an enlarged photographic contact sheet form the central focus of these paintings, which are complimented by a striking graphic designed compositional framework.

Catto Contemporary & 25 SURVIVORS present Danny Treacy and Sara Shamsavari 'You Belong To Me'. Exhibition runs from 8th August to 20th August 2003 at Catto Contemporary. YOU BELONG TO ME comprises of the photographic works of Danny Treacy and Sara Shamsavari. The discrepancy between our longing for intimacy and our actual everyday interactions is a phenomenon that continually rears its ugly head. To express one’s loneliness, fears or confusion is a shameless act of self-indulgence, a 21st century taboo right up there with the rejects from Popstars.

'PURE Brighton', in association with the underground magazine PURE showcase some of the leading lights of the Brighton art scene including Antony Micallef and Simon Ward. The exhibition runs from 22nd August to 10th September 2003 at Catto Contemporary, London.

Sam Jury ŒThe Distance Between Us¹. The exhibition runs from 12th September to 4th October 2003 at Catto Contemporary. On looking at Sam Jury¹s paintings and digital work, phrases like haunting, ethereal and other worldliness immediately spring to mind. Sam poses some unsettling questions, forcing us to review preconceived notions of beauty and identity.



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