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291 Gallery

291 Live Music
East End Music Hall twisted for the new centurys

a fresh take on another lost scene...
The Burlesque movement fused together musical innovation with visual stimulation, against a backdrop of enlightened thought. Inspired by this groundbreaking movement, Vaudeville challenges the standard live format and brings bands from the re-energised New Wave, Art Punk and Garage Rock scenes to a unique environment - expect burlesque strips and innovative performances going head to head with live music in amongst installations, video walls, DJ's and little environmental surprises.
This month will see The Gin Palace and The Cribs carve their own deep notch on Vaudeville's already lauded bedpost. Rose Meres provides a seductive take on Egyptian Belly dancing whilst the company In Bed all Day, engage in a space odyssey through electroclash.
Vaudeville residents Divo and Black Mark present structured, eclectic sets between acts: music features The Detroit Cobras, the Gang of Four, Talking Heads, The Cramps, JSBX, Royal Trux, Bowie, Television, The White Stripes, 80's Matchboxs
Thursday 7th August 8pm to 2am, £6 with flyer, £7 without, £5 concessions

291 Sonic Arts
New Bleep
A night of sound installations, audio reactive visuals & gameplay

In the Main Gallery, a mix of short film screenings, audio reactive projections and experimental electronic performances. Meanwhile in the South Wing Gallery Shooting & Fighting game themes, audio-visual frenzy with music provided by the 19-t krew, warp, new bleep and adaadat, plus in the bar new bleep mp3 as well as guest dj's from kracked, kosmiche, micromusic and worm interface.
Music: Somadril LIVE (new Bleep) UK, Kema keur LIVE (adaadat) SCO, Dire strauss LIVE, (fakey2/melange) UK, Dogs LIVE (fakey2) UK, DJ 10000000 LIVE (adaadat/19-t) JP, Red Planet, Pizza LIVE (adaadat) UK, Combrio LIVE (kraked)
Visuals: RGB invaded LIVE (new Bleep) UK/JP, Statica LIVE (new Bleep) UK
Games: Shooting or Fighting game special (from several consoles or emulators)
Screenings with noisy intermissions: in the main hall, a mix of short film screenings, audio reactive projections and experimental electronic performances.
films: melange compilation UK/JP, A-V: semiconductor LIVE, Greypetcat LIVE (adaadat) UK + LIVE digital drawing by Savage Chimp UK, installations: bradford bahamas (the foundry) UK
Friday 8th August 8pm to 2am, £5 before 9pm and £8 after

291 Film and Video
Formerly known asŠ
an evening of video and music

A selection of video and film work by recent graduates of Guildhall University (now London Metropolitan University). An eclectic mix of Œrealism¹, performance and ambiguity. Accompanied by music from DJ Divo, from rock Œn¹ roll to pyschobilly and interspersed with random off-the-wall visuals!!!
Artists participating: Samantha Allan, Dimitri Berzon, Grant Burnside, Christina Coronel, Stevie Gee, Ben Hardcastle, Jackie Humphries, Jinnet, Peter Locker, Giuseppe Mistretta, Anna Richardson, Helen Shaw, Juliana Walters, and John Paul Zampetti.
Thursday 14th August 8pm ­ 2am, free entry

291 Digital evenings
The Eden Collective

The launch of the Eden Collective at 291 Gallery, a monthly showcase of Video & Digital Artists, DJ's & musicians who invite you to start the weekend with an audio visual feast. Accesible to art lovers & club afficionados alike, this exciting & innovative mix of talent kicks off with two video artists, one photographer, dj's & musicians. We kick off with Artists Chris Cornish (inition) Axel Antas & Ruth Gardiner. Music courtesy of Hugh Jass, Sid Blunt ( commonground ) Nobody Boy, & Roofjee. all providing breaks, hip hop, & electronica. Bones is on drums & if thats not enough we have a live PA from Belleruche (commonground ) who will be improvising scratches, beats & jazz guitar.
Friday 15th August 8pm-2am £6.

Art and musicians' collectives 8i8 and Utrophia team up to bring you a night of experimental film and music, featuring live laptop performances and projections - an engaging audio-visual mix.
Coryate¹s music is evocative of subdued memories and filmic narrative. Subtle and patient, the dense atmosphere creeps up on you with startling emotional effect. Hologram will be playing a set of inimitable melodic electronica, concentrating on the composition of warm interweaving tones and digital rhythms, with a tinge of 80s nostalgia and retro-futurist vision. im¹s sights are set firmly on the glossy sheen of the near future, presenting inspired forays into choppy beats and sine wave melodies, hinting at the syncopated structures of jazz, two step and drum & bass. Alkaliner sifts through the pop charts and radiowaves, sampling, processing and rearranging with no regard for copyright or volume restrictions. His performances question the notion of the composer in the quick-fix world of mp3 and manufactured pop. Precise excursions into sonic experimentation are Helen Bac's forte - a schizophrenic journey from the hi-fidelity spatial aesthetics of algorithmic, glitchy soundscapes to hip-hop and back again. Orphan revisits the repetitive rhythms and discordant melodies of techno and twists the form to create a machinic and organic atmosphere. Patten performs an improvised set, using realtime DSP software, acoustic instruments and various objects to create dense, shuffling, soundscapes, sources include; portable record player, electric fan, drum machine, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and melodica. Grovesnor presents electronica beats that are friendly and quirky, while his melodies are beautifully simple - how come someone hasn't written these tunes already?
Thursday 28th August 7pm-2am

For more 291 Programme information contact Lisa Jensen: 0207 613 5676

291 Gallery, Director Edwina Orr,
291 Hackney Road London E2 8NA
Tel: 020 7613 5676 Fax: 020 7613 5692


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