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My wife and I have recently brought CAKE to London from NYC ( and and are always looking out for fresh artistic talent to showcase at our events.

CLUB.CAKE events are based in NYC and London and embody the CAKE philosophy through the actualization of female-focused, female directed, comfortable and safe environments. Dedicated to giving women (and their male partners) the space to express and experience sexual culture as entertainment, the events give CAKE the expertise on the types of entertainment women and their partners enjoy and generate high profile press about the CAKE philosophy and the CAKE brand.

At CLUB.CAKE we try and feature up and coming artists including DJ's, performance artists, dancers, photographers, painters and designers and are currently looking for interesting people, particularly women, looking to showcase their talents through our events. Our next event will be an evening of belly dancing extravagance called Delight to be held at Sahara Nights on Wednesday June 11th. Please can you put us in touch with any artists on your books who might be interested in learning more about CAKE and what the fuss is all about - we'd love to hear from them.

We can be contacted via: - 07977 421128 - 07971 479125

Many thanks
James and Emma Jeynes


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