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In June 2004 STATIC will begin the process of MAXIMUM RETURN.

From September 2004-September 2005 MAXIMUM RETURN will invite 10 exceptional
artists, architects or writers, to realise 10 projects that significantly develop
and inform the practitioner's practice and future, at the same time as making a
contribution to the visual and critical infrastructure of the city of Liverpool and beyond.
During the process of MAXIMUM RETURN the participants will be the focus of a
range of discussions, practical and critical activity, developed for, and by the
individual and the group, and provided by a range of exciting and rigorous figures.

A progression from some of Static's previous projects, MAXIMUM RETURN experiments
with the ambiguity of, and possibility for both self-direction and a defined year-long
group structure.

No other independent structure for compressed practice development for artists exists in the city.
The first MAXIMUM RETURN is a pilot, open for exploration and also involving the participants
in an investigation of its effect.

At this stage no further information is to be released but Static welcomes informal inquiries,
especially from potential participants.


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Many thanks. Static.

Static is supported by Arts Council of England North West.


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