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Allsop Gallery, Bridport Arts Centre

"Kit Glaisyer - On the way to work"

Allsop Gallery, Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport, Dorset, UK
Admission Free - Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

Exhibition runs from 29 January to 26 February 2005

The Allsop Gallery at the Bridport Arts Centre, in Dorset, UK, has invited Kit Glaisyer to show at the second Emerging Artist exhibition, from 29 Janaury until 26 February 2005. 'On the way to work' is the first major exhibition of Glaisyer's new paintings, and explores the process of creating reality from our dreams, beliefs and aspirations. The original works draw on Glaisyer's personal perceptions of the contemporary landscape, Pop Culture and his private life, from which he fashions a series of engaging works that alternate between sensuality and a distinctive dry wit. The artist will also be giving a talk 'New ideas and inspirations for painting' on 3 February, from 6-7pm.

Glaisyer says "we live in a time in which our private lives, hopes, and beliefs are intimately informed by an innundation of advertising, propaganda, and biased information. It would seem that in an age of mass media there can no longer be any pretence at an objective truth, since information is also a weapon, and reality has itself become a commodity. However, art has always contested that there must be an underlying unity of perception, and shows that despite our apparent differences, we can all intuitively relate to expressions of inner truth."

Kit Glaisyer was born in 1971 in Dorchester, and grew up in Dorset. He moved to London in the early 90's, and soon gained wide recognition for his original and powerful paintings. In 1998 Glaisyer joned the Oakhayes Artist Residency in Symondsbury, Dorset, and moved his studios to Bridport, Dorset, the following year. He continues to work in Bridport and exhibit in London, and to produce regular exhibitions with the Artoose collective (

Glaisyer has a history of initiating artist run projects and studios: In 1996, along with Rufus Knightwebb, he set up the Long Lane studio complex in Borough, South London, and in 1999 he established the St Michaels studio complex in Bridport. In 2001 he produced ‘From the inner city to the edge of the sea’ in Bloomsbury, with renowned urban artist Stuart Free. Then in 2002 he started the Artoose Gallery in a residential house in Belsize Park with artist Douglas McDougall.


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