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Waiting Rooms Bar

Venue: Waiting Rooms Bar

Date: Every Saturday & Sunday

Doors: 8.30 - late

Address: Waiting Rooms, Aldermans Hill, London N13 (next to the train station)

Details: IndieRocknRoll of the highest quality. Stuff from 60's right through to current releases from today. This venue is a cosy place but with its cafe feel we going back to the day when it was just about banging out some cool tunes. Come have a beer wine or whatever while we play some cool music...and of course we take requests!! within reason.





Line-up: The cutest venue in London 'Like your own private party'. We'll be playing
the best mix of guitar rock and roll. From the old day movers like The Animals,
Roxy Music, The Kinks, The Who to Modern day Shakers like The Killers, The
Bravery, Kasabian, Dogs, The Subways, and any new releases and classics form our own music library.
Some sundays we'll be playing all types of soul and inviting special guests to
join us. This is based on the original 'speak-easy'. When the time is right we'll lock
the doors and have a private shin-dig. The laws are changing...Lets rock'n'roll till late.

**Also see our retro Lights + Projectors**
**The only venue we know where the toilets are on the platform**
**Friendly staff, choice of about 10 international lagers, also spirits and wines**
**Membership available 10% off**


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