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Ocean Wave II Update February 2nd 2004

I have had enough, I am abandoning my journey to Glasgow in the shopping trolley. The weather has been consistently against me and my knee has flared up again. I have thrown all my kit away in a bin, as it has not been up to scratch, the rain, sleet, snow and wind have won, FOR NOW. As I intend to try again at the end of April, heading off just after Easter time. I need to get better equipment so I am more prepared. I also believe that I can complete the journey in 60 days as I have now mastered a good technique and feel confident, I just need the right conditions. I will keep all the gifts that I have collected so far, including the signed Henry Kelly LBC mug, pink slippers and bottle of Scotch and look after them. Thanks for all the support, I will keep you updated once I get started again., Mark.


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