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Static Pamphlet 9

In '(ART IN) CELEBRITY LAND' Lewis Biggs' essay describes the current climate of
celebrity-worship, narcissism and infantilism and traces its influence upon
contemporary art curators. He ends by questioning whether art can generate
or be a focus of learning, or whether it is now primarily an opportunity for
self-appreciation and the acquisition of image and life-style. In the text,
Biggs suggests that the term 'good taste' be redefined and reinvigorated.
Static is interested to hear your response.

In articles, Paul Sullivan reviews the FACT centre and Toxteth TV, Liverpool (7/1/04),
whilst Becky Shaw discusses 'Who is our Audience?’ the question we should be asking?'
a response to Steven Renshaw/Static's event on 24 January 2004.

'The Production of the Critical Moment'
From 14 February- 27 March Bluecoat Gallery presents the exhibition 'Put your hands
where we can see them'.
Static seeks 15 people to review this exhibition.
We are looking for 5 art students, 5 Liverpool-based artists/writers and 5 artists/writers
living outside of Liverpool to write a 100+ word review/text of response for the March
edition of the Static Pamphlet.
Static will pay £10 for each text.
Please contact us if you are interested in being involved.


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