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Studio 1.1 - Cees Krijnen

Woman in Divorce Battle on Tour 2004

13 February - 24 March

Studio 1.1
57a Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ
Open Fri - Sun 12 -­ 6 pm
or by appointment
07952 986 696

For several years now Dutch artist Cees Krijnen's work has been an ongoing project weaving in and out of the life of his mother, Greta Blok, who following her divorce survived an extraordinarily sustained 15 years of harassment, legal, emotional and financial, from Cees' father.

1999 was the turning-point, wihen Krijnen won the Rijksakademie's Prix de Rome with his performance Financing my Parents Divorce, the prize money from which financed the first Woman in Divorce Battle Tour.As the tour gathered momentum Cees began a productive alliance with Uscha Pohl of New York gallery UP&CO.

Playing with consumerism by collaborating with manufacturers to produce special Blok editions of chocolate or perfume, infiltrating, the worlds of fashion and publicity and subverting, if that's stillpossible, the art cosmos, using deadpan irony to call into question their place inside/outside the system, Cees and Greta ('like Viktor and Rolf, or Gilbert and George') don't fight shy of politics. As 'Ambassadress of Divorced Women for the Netherlands' Greta, wearing her gold leather UP&CO 'battle suit' has campaigned against inequalities in the divorce laws in several countries. At Studio 1.1 the battle continues.


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