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::VOICES:: at Plastic People

THURSDAY 26th FEBRUARY, 10pm-2am / £5 entry
GERRY ROONEY (Black Cock records)
+ rotating residents: DJ ALEX, CEDRIC WOO & RAMAR
+ percussion: Bongomaniac
Deep House-Disco-Afro-Funk-Soul-Jazz-Dub-Rock-Electronic+beyond
147-149 Curtain Road EC2

Dear dancer,

VOICES returns to Plastic People for a series of monthly events starting on THURSDAY 26th FEBRUARY. The place (with its famed sound system) and the patrons (devoted music lovers and dancers) combine to make conditions at Plastic People where some of the best & hardest-working international DJs can join us to crystalize the moment in music bringing on powerful feelings as we dance.

Our previous event on 22th January, a precursor to this extended run, saw New York's DANIEL WANG (Balihu) draw a full house of dancers and music heads to get down to his extended arrangement of musical pleasures - that disco energy provoking vocal responses giving it up and giving in!

On 26th FEBRUARY we're pleased to be welcoming GERRY ROONEY (one half of legendary disco edits label Black Cock Records alongside DJ HARVEY).

Launched in 1992, Black Cock records channelled Gerry and Harvey's deep love of music, sense of fun and parody (in the titles!) into re-arranging existing recordings into extended mixes for the dancefloor. The inspiration grew on record digging & dealing missions to New York in the late 80's early 90's with some main influences being DJ Terry Bristol, tapes by Ron Hardy, reel to reel culture, the impressive soundsystems and musical sanctuary of NY clubland of the time. Gerry joined, Harvey as a resident at MOIST at the Gardening Club in Covent Garden, which in the early 90's became a lengendary haven for leftfield dance music - the music policy was right across the board & out on the edge.

This will be a rare appearance, and one which will be eagerly anticipated by many of those deep into music (including those so well served by Gerry's longstanding activity as a record dealer). Wild & wide ranging music played for the dancers don't forget that! We're looking forward to seeing you there...



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