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View Gallery - Disembodied Barbie Heads

Disembodied Barbie Heads found in Thames Ditton High Street

From: View Gallery
Date: March 1st – April 3rd, 2004. Private view February 28th
Subject: Contemporary Art

Some say it is grotesque others eccentric... whatever you might feel about art there is usuallly something controversial in View Gallery.

View Gallery on Thames Ditton High Street offers a range of contemporary quality art with a sting. View is exhibiting expressive portraits, architectural spaces, lines, arches and disembodied Barbie heads.

At present, View Gallery has the work of the following artists on display.

‘Pickled Barbies’ and ‘Barbies for the Road’ by Canadian artist Gabriel Lalonde. “Some feminists think I am a genius and some don’t talk to me anymore. But I know for a fact that 7-year-old girls do much worse things to Barbies.”

Several works by Stephen Finer whose painting ‘David Bowie and Iman’ was recently in ‘Painting the Century’ at the National Portrait Gallery – where another of his portraits of David Bowie is in the permanent collection.

Martin Alton is an extraordinary talent. He creates a tension by alternating between the abstract and representational, with shocking results.

Tony Harding‘s paintings are created from architectural drawings using strong colours to define the shapes. He is collected publicly and privately across Europe and America. His most recent one-man show “Untitled grey series” featured at Le Mirail, Toulouse, France.

Geoff Catlow has recently been concentrating on abstract pieces with minimal black and white line work using sgraffito. He has exhibited widely, including the Serpentine Gallery and John Moores, and is collected internationally.

Nick Hais has created a style for himself with an almost three-dimensional use of light and shadow – these pieces are very popular with many visitors to the gallery.

For further information please contact Natalie Frahm or Richard Curtis:

View Gallery
34 High Street
Thames Ditton
Surrey KT7 0RY
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 8972 9706


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