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Hoxton/Shorditch Review by Grace Giardina  

: Based upon The London Bible: A Guide to Living and Working in the Capital, published by Summersdale Publishers and available now on Amazon.

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If you're new to London, it's not surprising if you've not been out in the Hoxton/Shorditch area. For the rest of us, we must be asleep or in a coma if we haven't discovered one of London's most happening scenes. Being a native New Yorker, living in London for the past 4 years, I have been forced to conform to the early closing times of pubs, and the 'lack of anything else to do but drink' way of having fun. Fortunatly.. there's a step we can take to begin a journey of art, music, and if you fancy, pubs, and late night clubs... that step is East, and it all begins just past Old Street.

Apparently, up until 10 years ago, the area was a rat infested dump with a seedy history of degradation, prostitution, murders, poverty and hardship. Oh, how things change. Now, only the well-off can afford to live in an abandoned warehouse, or a small flat in a crumbling building. The potential has been spotted and priced, so join in before another part of london (like the West End) is invaded with tourists and sleeze, (not much better than the murderers and prostitutes). Unfortunatly, but naturally, the same thing will happen here that has happened to Williamsburg, Brooklyn: It will become too trendy and popular, and will then lose it's rough and underground touch. So hurry up before it's too late!

Hoxton reminds me of New York's downtown area, with the business feel during the day, the loft apartments, and the exciting vibes at night. The Art scene has advanced, and I am not the only one who believes that East is the new West. There are many galleries, big and small, all within walking distance. It's fun to make a day out of it and see them all! With such wonderful walks like Brick lane and the Columbia Road flower market, it's worth the visit. See the galleries, test a restaurant, and then relax at a stylish venue: This is what Hoxton and Shorditch have to offer...


Victoria Miro Gallery 16 Wharf Road, N1
One in the Other 4 Dingley Place, EC1
Catto contemporary 75a Leonard Street, EC2
Woolff Gallery Ltd 69 Leonard Street, EC2
Book Works 19 Hollywell Row, EC2
East 73rd Gallery 73 curtain Road, EC2
Vertigo 62 Great Eastern Street, EC2
Paton Gallery 223 Old Street, E8
Bookart Bookshop 17 Pitfield Street, N1
James Colman 41 Coronet Street, N1
Standpoint Gallery 45 Coronet Street, N1
Deluxe Gallery 2-4 Hoxton Square, N1
White Cube2 48 Hoxton Square, N1
Dominic Berning First Floor, 1 Hoxton Street, N1
Stuckism International 3 Charlotte Road, EC2
The Agency 35-40 Charlotte Road, EC2
INIVA 6-8 Standard Place, Rivington Street, EC2
Vilma Gold 66 Rivington Street, EC2
Modern Art 73 Redchurch Street, EC2
T 1&2 Artspace Bedford House, Wheler Street, E1
Rhodes & Mann Gallery 37 Hackney Road, E2
Flowers East 82 Kingsland Road, E2
Wiebke Morgan Gallery15 Printing House Yard, Hackney Road, E2
Century Gallery ACAVA, 1-15 Cremer Street, E2
Geffrye Museum Kingsland Road, E2
Hoxton Distillery 70 Hoxton Street, N1
The Mission 55 Holywell Lane, EC2A
The Alpine Club 55 Charlotte Road, EC2A
The Saatchi Gallery @ 30, 34 & 36 Underwood Street, N1
The Centre of Attention 12 Cotton Gardens, E2
Cell Project Space Ideal House, 38-50 Arcola Street, E8
MW Projects 43B Mitchell Street, EC1
The Commercial Gallery 109 Commercial Street, E1
Neon Gallery 117 Commercial Street, E1
The Video Club @ Neon Monday night film club, 8:30 pm

Pubs and Bars

The Foundry 84-86 Great Eastern Street, EC2
Avant-garde eccentrics meet in this grimy former bank for poetry nights, exhibits and DJs. Downstairs the bank notes and bullion have been cleared out and the vaults now serve as a gallery for contemporary art.
The Bricklayer's Arms 63 Charlotte Road, EC2
Very popular with the young and retro, this pub is usually packed. Crowds tumble out into the street at the slightest rise in temperature or any other excuse.
Dragon 5 Leonard Street, EC2
The locals have been coming to Dragon for years. The best touch, is the lack of a door sign, characteristic of a non-tourist attracting hotspot.
The Bedroom Bar ? Rivington Street, EC2
This one is too cool! Really relaxed, and maybe it's because of the loft-style livingroom effect, and the big, soft bed for a comfortable drinking position. A good place to meet cool people, I always do.
The Pool ? Curtain Road,
I have only just discovered this place but I will never forget it. Good DJs who spin Hip Hop, NY style House, and chilled out beats. My favorite touch is the American style pool tables. People respect the tables so you can have a real game, not the usual ripped cloth and roll towards the top right corner.
The Barley Mow ? Curtain Road
Located just down the block from Pool, this place plays Reggae sometimes. Happy vibes. In the warm weather, people spill out into the cobblestone street. Lovely.


Home 100 Leonard Street, EC2
Eyre Brothers 70 Leonard Street, EC2
Cantaloupe 35 Charlotte Road, EC2
Trafik 40 Hoxton Square, N1


Great Eastern Dining Room 54-56 Great Eastern Street, EC2
A restaurant with a touch of class, which serves modern Italian food and will definitly impress on a first date. If all goes well, head downstairs to the bar, which has an exclusive celebrity feel to it.
The Real Greek 15 Hoxton Market, N1
Good food in this country is hard to find for a reasonable price. Most of the time it sounds mouth watering on the menu, but when the slop reaches the table, the appetite runs for the door. The best option is to try the international restaurants. This is one serves proper Greek food with fresh ingredients. Pretty hard to believe but here it is, right here in Hoxton market!

Late Bars

Mother Bar 333 Old Street, EC1
Always buzzing with locals and others this venue is the perfect 'post last call' place to be. I have yet to venture home after a night out here with out a story to talk about. Always something fun and crazy, and that's the way I like it!
Hoxton Bar and Kitchen 2-4 Hoxton Square, N1
The decor inside consists of brick, exposed ducts, and some well-worn leather seating. This is typical of the area but this place was one of the first here! This is why most of it's customers are locals.


333 333 Old Street, EC1
This non-commercialised venue caters to an up-for-it crowd just dying for a good sweat on the dance floor. With music as good as upstairs, many head to Off Centre for a blend of jazz house, and hip hop and hedonistic beats and breaks. Take your pick!
Cargo Kinglsand Viaduct, 83 Rivington Street, EC2
This bar/club/restaurant has everything you could ask for in a night spot. It's dark, it's sexy, and there's almost always a wicked DJ on the decks. It's one of the more recently opened clubs on the scene, very cool, and attracts a wide range of people.





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