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Green Door - Sartorial Contemporary Art

Sartorial Contemporary Art

101a Kensington Church Street, London W8 7LN

February 2nd – March 2nd 2005

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 1 to 7 pm, or by appointment

“The Boys”, Prince William and Harry’s painting by Stella Vine,

was produced at around the same time

as the dripping blood Diana’s painting “Hi Paul can you come over”, which shocked and horrified many.

The unmissible “Green Door” at Sartorial Contemporary Art

had chosen to exhibit this work as a reminder of the great offence

and embarrassment the younger Prince has caused to many,

due to his terrible choice of costume at a fancy dress party,

and which also shocked and horrified many.

Looking at the painting, we can see both Princes

with a vacant and lost look; especially Harry’s melting red face.

This can be interpreted as a premonition from the artist

about the recent scandal they have being involved.

As part of the exhibition we are also presenting new work

of three of the most controversial young artists at the moment:

Stella Vine, James Jessop and Jasper Joffe,

who have become icons since Charles Saatchi

started collecting their work for his museum.

They represent the next generation of British art.


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