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Green Door

Green Door

An exhibition of young British artists from the East End of London
showing for the first time on the West side of the city

February 2nd – March 2nd 2005
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 1 to 7 pm, or by appointment

The recognizable bright green portal that identifies
Sartorial Contemporary Art
at 101a Kensington Church Street, London W8 7LN,
will hold an exhibition of a group of young British artists
based in the East End of London
and who for the first time will show in the West side of the city.

Gretta Sarfaty Marchant, the artist who runs the gallery
has long term international experience,
and she believes that there is a vibrant new creative movement
that looks at art through 21st Century eyes,
in a broadminded and refreshing new perspective uninhibited by the past.
This exhibition should appeal to the public
with a long term view to the successful future of British art.

Ann Caroline
Sam Dargan
Edori Fertig
James Jessop
Jasper Joffe
Peter Lamb
Gretta S.Marchant
Hugh Mendes
Gavin Nolan
Stella Vine

Sartorial Contemporary Art was founded in March 2002
in an 18st Century Georgian house.
The Gallery shows works by both emerging and established artists
with a particular emphasis on enabling special projects.


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