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A live lab PERFORMANCE lecture by msdm at Elastic Residence Feb 19-20,
26-27 and Mar 5-6

3 weekends

weekend1: february 19-20th inaugural ceremony + lab

weekend2: february 26-27th live performance + transmission

weekend3: march 5-6th exhibition + lab

warming up starts at 12 :00 pm and all the performances at 3:00 pm. Please RSVP for limited seating, Tel: +44(0)207 247 1375 or email The workshops and performances are free

Elastic residence london presents WHAT ARE WE DOING[Š] by msdm paula roush with isa suarez and other guests, a 3- weekend live lab performance taking place February 19-20th, 26-27th and March 5-6th and developed in response to the domestic setting of the ELASTIC residence. Elastic residence is a gallery space for projects and durational performance. It was established in autumn 2004 and is situated in a house built in 1779 in Whitechapel, East London at the core of a multilayered legacy of civil rights movements and current postcolonial urbanity.

The format of WHAT ARE WE DOING[Š] the protest academy first module and inaugural lecture is the production of a new score and accompanying record, in response to the research into glocal (both local and international) protest sounds and open to contributions.

WHAT ARE WE DOING is part of protest academy x-cUrricular activities an experimental de-schooling platform that will be staged next in Leipzig as part of the public art project Homeland Modernity (may 2005) when [msdm]+[general panel] will map protest and the production of urban space in the city.

paula roush is the founder of msdm; recent london projects include sos:ok save our souls zero killings at coleman project space when the gallery was used to stage a food relief operation with the timed release of sos:ok emergency biscuits to the starving volunteers, and bowville a locative media performance during which marian manesta forrester was electronically tagged and had 3 days to earn honourary citizenship of bowville.

For further information or high resolution images, please contact Deej Fabyc or Joanna Callaghan
T: +44(0)207 247 1375 e:

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