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ICA Cinemas, The Mall, Piccadilly
Tickets & Information: 020 7930 3647

Andrei Rublev: 2 - 22 July; 12.30 (weekends), 4pm, 7.30pm Top Ten
Films of All-Time: Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian FIPRESCI Prize: Cannes
Film Festival, 1969 "> Dark, startling> ...> at once humble and
cosmic> "> J. Hoberman Andrei Tarkovsky> '> s monumental second
feature was suppressed when it
first appeared in 1966, although its prize-winning appearance at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival helped to secure both film and filmmaker> '> s international reputations. This account of the life of 15th-century icon painter Andrei Rublev (c. 1360 - 1430) is more a chronicle of medieval Russian life than a conventional biopic, following the artist across a physical landscape ravaged by the Tatar invasions and a spiritual terrain marked by self-doubt and temptation. Rublev> '> s search for inner-peace is rendered in harsh yet sublime style by Tarkovsky, who called this > '> a film of the earth> '> ; its elemental power - both visceral and cerebral - is impossible to deny, holding the viewer rapt from its mysterious, awe-inspiring opening to the beautiful, blazing colour of the epilogue. Having existed in various forms over the years, this 189-minute version is the cut that was endorsed by the director himself.
Dir Andrei Tarkovsky, Russia, 1966, 189 mins, subtitles

Mosfilm Classics- 2 - 14 July
Ranging from the 1950s to the present-day, a selection of essential
from Russia> '> s mighty Mosfilm studio, home to such important filmmakers as Eisenstein, Tarkovsky, Klimov, Mikhalkov and - briefly - Kurosawa.
The Cranes are Flying: Cinema 2: 2 - 5 July; 6pm
"> ...> conveys more in dizzying camera moves and bold swaths of light
than words could express> "> The Onion
> A landmark Russian film that won the Palme D> '> Or at Cannes in 1958,
this powerful love story set against the backdrop of World War 2 is directed in sweeping style by Mikhail Kalatozov (I Am Cuba). Young lovers Boris and Veronica are separated when Boris is sent to the front line, with Veronica> '> s grief heightened and worst fears confirmed when the letters home stop arriving. Technically well ahead of its time and wearing its heart on its sleeve, the film remains a dazzling and emotionally charged experience.
Dir Mikhail Kalatozov: Russia, 1957, 95 mins, subtitles

Come and See: 2 - 5 July; 8pm
"> Among the most devastating of war films> "> The Guardian The
German invasion of Belarus in 1942 serves as the backdrop to this
devastating tale of a 12-year-old boy who leaves his home to join the peasant forces of resistance amazing in the forest. The nightmarish sequence of events that follow possesses an almost hallucinatory power, as the German bombs rain down and the boy is forced to search for sanctuary in an increasingly forbidding, hostile environment. The final film of acclaimed director Elem Klimov, who died at the age of 70 last October. (See also Agony).
Dir Elem Klimov, Russia, 1985, 142 mins, subtitles

The Star: 3 July; 4pm/6 - 7 July; 6.30pm
Set during the Second World War, this tense, dramatic war picture
a group of Russian scouts on an assignment to locate a crucial German tank position. With vivid atmospherics that capture the fear and intensity of the perilous situation, the film takes the viewer behind the front line and into the heart of danger.
> Dir Nikolai Lebedev, Russia, 2002, 93 mins, subtitles
> 6 - 7 July; 8.30pm/11 July; 4.30pm
> Poisons, or the World History of Poisoning
> A surrealist black comedy cataloguing the numerous important religious
> and
royal figures who have poisoned their way into positions of power. Flashbacks to the times of Caligula, Nero and Genghis Khan are set against a contemporary story of one couple> '> s deteriorating relationship, as the tone swings between outrageous humour and bizarre historical flights of fancy.
> Dir Karen Shakhnazarov, Russia, 2001, 106 mins, subtitles
> An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano: 8 - 11 July; 6.45pm "> ...>
> has a lyrical naturalism> ...> beautifully paced> "> Time Out
> Inspired by the works of Anton Chekhov (most directly his unfinished
> play
Platonov), Nikita Mikhalkov> '> s elegant, visually expressive chamber-piece is set at a country estate at the turn of the 19th-century where a number of guests arrive for a weekend retreat. Presided over by hostess Anna (Antonina Shuranova), the various characters recall the past, renew old ties and reflect on how their lives and loves have not necessarily turned out as hoped. A moving, bittersweet masterpiece.
> Dir Nikita Mikhalkov, Russia, 1977, 103 mins, subtitles
> Ballad of a Soldier: 8 - 11 July; 8.45pm
> One of the classic Russian films of its time, telling the story of
> Alyosha
(Vladimir Ivashov), a young soldier granted a short period of leave to visit his mother. His journey home from the battlefield reveals to him the deep scars that the war has left on his country. A poetically realised and deeply humane vision of war, concerned primarily with the people and the places affected by hostilities taking place elsewhere.
Dir Grigori Chukhrai, Russia, 1959, 88 mins, subtitles

Agony: 10 July, 4pm; 12 - 14 July; 6pm
A stunning performance of possession-level intensity by Aleksei
brings to life the notorious figure of Rasputin, the Siberian monk who insinuated himself into the royal family during the final throes of the First World War. With newsreel footage cut into the dramatic action, director Elem Klimov> '> s remarkable film achieves a delirious power. Completed in 1975 but not shown until 1981, after which it was severely re-cut. These screenings are of the full original version.
Dir Elem Klimov, Russia, 1975, 152mins, subtitles

Day of the Full Moon: 12 - 14 July; 8.45pm
>In 1948, the mysterious sighting of a woman in a lilac dress under a
moon sets in motion a series of stories that link a wide array of characters from Russia> '> s past and present. Employing a mosaic-like structure of interconnecting vignettes, the film travels through time to create a unified picture of people> '> s - plus one dog> '> s! - lives and dreams.
Dir Karen Shakhnazarov, Russia, 1998, 93 mins, subtitles


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