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In an extra ordinary art event, I am intending to pull a red double decker London Routemaster bus along the road for 100 yards, with my big toe. A piece of unusually strong string will be attached to the front of the bus and then tied around the big toe on my left foot, which is the stronger of my big toes.

This project, ‘Big Toe Bus Pull’, is a protest against the excessive use of bus lanes and against the mayor Ken Livingstone’s ridiculous traffic stragety. I have been penalised twice for errant straying in to suddenly appearing bus lanes, at the cost of £50 a time. It is stupid that our all ready narrow roads are being carved up, causing endless road nightmares for car drivers.

The performance is to take place at 10am on Wednesday 18th August 2004. the expected duration of the event is four hours, I am in training at the moment but will allow plenty of time for the pull to be completed.

The routemaster bus is being specially hired along with a driver, who will at all times remain behind the wheel, for health and safety purposes.

Many people might say that this feat is impossible. But I take my inspiration from the great scientist Magnus Pyke, who famously moved a grand piano with his little finger, he had used a forklift truck to strain a rope which had been attached to the piano and put his little finger onto the rope in the middle causing the piano to move. I will not be using a forklift truck, only my big toe. But where there is a will there is a way.

Previously I have pushed a monkey nut along the road with my nose for seven miles and recently I pulled a television along the road for six miles with my ear.

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