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Wednesday 07/07/04 – 07/08/04

CLAPHAM ART GALLERY is pleased to present KES RICHARDSON with his third one-person exhibition. Richardson graduated from Bath Spa University College with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 1998. Subsequently he has become an internationally successful artist and has been featured heavily in both national and international press. Richardson has been featured in GQ, The Face, Design Week, Metro and the Evening Standard amongst other publications.

Richardson is well known for his hard-edged, graphic paintings derived from images appropriated from internet pornography. ‘Nudes’ sees the artist’s focus shift from climactic female portraits and portrait-nudes to concentrate exclusively on the female body as subject:

‘By removing the recognisable features of the model's head as a visual anchor I have forced the viewer to scan the paintings for clues of how they are to be read. The image's complete coherence is fugitive; a hand, elbow or breast emerges from the twisted and contorted limbs as one is led around the picture plane.’

Presented in explicit sexual positions, Richardson’s figures compete with the negative spaces and colour grounds from which they obtrude. His expert eye for colour and abstract line balances precariously with the depiction of figurative form, revealing Richardson’s early career interests as an abstract painter. This vying of abstract and representational sensibilities enable the artist to endorse ‘drastic colour, tonal and formal decisions’, resulting in the works being ‘far more resilient to exciting visual situations’.

This collection represents a subtle process of intrinsic questioning that has seen Richardson’s work shift in composition, colour and spatial awareness. The series consists of a selection of key paintings by this highly sought after, vibrant artist.

Clapham Art Gallery

61 Venn Street

London SW4 0BD

Unit 02

40-48 Bromell's Road

London SW4 0BG

+44 (0)20 7720 0955

Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-7pm


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