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PV Friday 27th August 6-9pm
Saturday 28th to Monday 30th August 11-5pm daily

Flat 1
424 Hackney Road
E2 7AP

Dave Ball. Hannah Brown. Chang Young Jo. Daedalus. Lora Hemy. Birgit Medele. Ana Moring. Russell Thoburn.

In a world jampacked with stuff for the body, house, car, government or corporation, one can only survive through selective awareness. Paying full and serious intellectual attention to everything from the microwave to the beer-can cozy simply isn't possible.

And yet, to completely forget how we have shaped and been affected by the various things that surround us amounts to ignorance. Many of the modern products we regularly overlook -- plastic trash bags, to take a more trivial example -- have dramatically altered the nature of our society. They are parts of the honeycomb we've built to make life easier, cleaner or better-looking.

Because these objects envelop and reflect us, they deserve to be analyzed and discussed.

8 Conceptual artists, who came together in 2003 to share ideas, have formed a group named Discotheque, and choose to engage with 'the domestic' for this their first show together.

Flat 1, 424 Hackney Road, London, E2 7AP Nearest tube Bethnal Green or BR Cambridge Heath Buses 26, 55, 48


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