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By Chosil Jan Kil, Makin Jan Ma, Daniel Jan Mair, Alexandre Jan Bettler,
Gareth Jan Holt, Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund.

The newly founded collective JanFamily is launching a box set of five books called HOW THESE THINGS LIVE. The books are all about personal values of objects and how they come to life. Chosil lists all the objects which she has been in contact with during one week, Daniel builds musical instruments out of found objects, Makin recreates everyday objects in paper, Marie uses her grandfathers collection of old buttons and Nina collects the things left behind by her distant friends.

HOW THESE THINGS LIVE has grown into an exhibition exploring the relations between the works of each individual Jan. Alexandre and Gareth have joined the group through collaborations with existing members. All projects in the show are interlinked and comment on each other - some by collaboration, some by way of thinking. The show suggests a narrative running through all the different projects and creates a miscellaneous whole based on a strong core of everyday life fascination.

The exhibition HOW THESE THINGS LIVE is a plait of photography, moving image, objects, drawing, text, music, interactive media and installations. The projects range from daily sentences written in neon, living room furniture engraved with the memory they carry, photographs of urban layouts resembling friendly faces, to a musical performance by a random group of people, allowing the audience to witness their self-consciousness and pursuit of collectivism.

The exhibition is an extension of an installation in the Royal College of Art.
Communication Art and Design Show. June 25 ­ July 4 2004.

Exhibition runs:
01 - 11 July 2004 Closed Monday/Tuesday
Opening hours:
12.00 - 6.00pm or by appointment
Late night opening:
15a Kingsland Road London E2 8AA
LU: Old Street, Liverpool Street
Bus: 26, 48, 55, 149, 242, 243

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