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inside out presents ‘Love & Sex’

Inside out event – 17.7.04 - 24.7.04

Inside Out is happy to announce this exciting project entitled ‘Love & Sex’ coinciding with the launch of Studio 28 – new apartments in Seven Sisters, N15. ‘Love & Sex’ is an opportunity given to artists to express and reflect their different points of view on this universal subject. The showing will be for artists a fantastic opportunity to meet other like-minded people, make contacts and put their own price on their work granting them great exposure.

Studio 28 knew that the collaboration with Inside Out would be a unique way of communicating its message to a more specific creative crowd of people – those who embody the concept we are delivering. Instead of a dull newspaper or magazine ad, a challenging exhibition was born allowing the general public to see the units ‘in use’ as opposed to ‘show flats’.

Inside Out wants to show an eclectic mix of work from paintings to installations in conjunction with programming some interactive performances, live music and djs. There will also be food and drink, not to mention some surprises……………….

Would be nice to see you there!

The event takes place @ studio 28, from 17th – 24th July.

W/days: 4pm onwards

W/ends – 2pm onwards

Private/press viewing 10am 16th July


Eva: 07947 350 356

Sabrina: 07939 504 217

inside out

Studio 28
28 Lawrence Rd,
N15 4EG

tel: 020 8809 2580
fax: 020 8809 5524

contemporary loft living comes to north london


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