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Anthony Gross


June 24 - July 31, 2004

An exploded narrative of digital animation and print

425 Harrow Rd
London W10 4RE
westbourne park tube, buses 18,28,328,31,36

Admission free

Production at londonprintstudio is the first UK solo exhibition by artist Anthony Gross.

Gross’ work draws on pop videos, computer games, advertising and Hollywood films. Compressing them all into a strange, cartoon-like world the images are a response to our mediatised culture of Pop Idol, reality TV, magazines and celebrity lifestyles.

Large-scale computer prints form an abstract narrative that weaves around the gallery installation, punctuated by digital animations on monitors. The storyboard follows imaginary characters for a day as they travel through various ‘sites of production’ such as recording studios and photo shoots. Passing Orpheus-like through a looping, parallel world, they and the objects around them slowly fracture and multiply.

Images are made by sourcing ready-made, three-dimensional models from internet communities and then customising and animating them on a home computer. The resulting process places Gross in a role more like that of a director, where a cast of props and figures are brought together in a virtual environment. Production is a timely look at how the contemporary artist can address our digital culture and work with the latest techniques and processes.

Anthony Gross graduated from the Goldsmiths College MA in Fine Art in 2001 after originally studying architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture. He is the grandson of experimental printmaker and war artist Anthony Gross, RA, CBE (1905 -1986).

For information please contact Abigail Hunt
at londonprintstudio on 020 8969 3247 or


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