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The artvaults

5th August until 14th November 2004 - open to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s.
Opening night Thursday 5th August 2004
Media opening (Invitation only) 4pm - 7pm - meet the artists, photo opportunities
Public private view (Invitation only) 7 - 10 pm

The artvaults are set to feature works from six contemporary artists exhibited within five separate
medieval vaults.

Vault 1 - Castle Vault
Predrag Pajdic & Rachel Wilberforce present ‘garden’, an installation.
An exploration of interplay between the external nature of reality and internal states of mind, through simultaneous plant installation, large-scale video / slide projection and audio. ‘A journey of moving light & sound’ – Predrag Pajdic – experience the wonder of an underground garden!

Vault 2 - King John’s Palace
A range of fine art & theatrical performances including works by Lance Benham, Victoria Melody, the Gantry youth theatre & the Sarah Siddons fan club. A programme of free flowing events and performances. Keep in touch for up to date details on these performances.

Vault 3 - The Weigh House
Large-scale sculptural work by Richard Farrington and painted installations by Michelle Aburrow.
Richard Farrington’s love of everyday sculptural forms is shown here in a new interactive work that will not just engage, but demand that you play air piano.

Michelle Aburrow seeks to inspire memories of locations once visited, places that set you free. Share the experience as you search for her works.

Vault 4 - Quilter’s Vault
Sculptural installations by Sarah Misselbrook.
Works sourced from her own body that explore obsessive bodily purification and the resulting conflicts between the sensual & skeletal.. Come and examine these life-sized casts for yourself and gain the sense of vulnerability in this magnificent setting.
Vault 5 - 94 The High Street
Ultra violet light sculptures by Dena Martin.
The works feature manipulated, controlled and creative environments which though inactive are yet wonder filled. Come and see this beautiful fusion of chaos and light.

NB. Detailed information regarding all of the exhibiting artists and images are available on request

The Tour
“The full artvaults tour can be experienced this summer. With maps available that will guide you around the old town area of Southampton, informing you about all of the works of art exhibited & explaining important elements in regard to the historical significance of the vaults themselves. The tour takes approximately 45 minutes to walk & leaves you with a real sense of artistic discovery & historical understanding” > Daniel Crow a space.

a space + medieval vaults = artvaults
The intention of the artvaults project, is to create symbiotic relationships between contemporary artistic practices & the historical medieval vaults. Allowing the public to view art & history together, in fantastic alternative exhibition spaces. The quality of the art exhibited, and the atmosphere of these unique spaces is sure to attract both the art lover and tourist alike, from all corners of England and with the help of the web, the world.

Through sheer hard work and dedication the team at a space have gained support from Southampton City Council, Arts Council England, Hampshire County Council and a host of businesses in the community in particular, WorksUnit, our website sponsor and artvaults partners.

Background information – a space contemporary arts
The arts organisation a space ( represents, encourages & supports the work of emerging artistic talents. Helping to develop their careers by giving them platforms upon which to exhibit their own work and specific talents.

Historical information – The vaults of Southampton
The vaults have stood in some cases for over eight hundred years, and were used to store all manner of imported goods including Wine. In particular Castle Vault, once owned by royalty, is now the only remaining part of the castle that once dominated the old town.
Due to their age, access to some of the sites is limited. We have always had the desire to make this project fully inclusive. Through a partnership with WorksUnit a cutting edge, marketing communications agency we have been able to achieve the highest possible level of accessibility. WorksUnit are so enthusiastic about this project, the implications for Southampton and the community at large they have generously created The site contains their self-built software, Workseye & Worksview, not only allowing the project to be viewed globally but also by those who would not otherwise be able to access the vaults themselves.
For any further information, questions and images for publication please contact Daniel, Ben or Jackie
a space
9 - 11 Old Northam Rd, Southampton, SO14 ONZ, United Kingdom
t: 00 (44) 023 80 338 778
m: 07780 60 22 30 (outside office hours)

WorksUnit Limited
32 Queens Terrace, Southampton, SO14 3BQ, United Kingdom


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