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The Libertines –
The Story So Far
by Roger Sargent
Presented by Sony Ericsson
July 24th - July 25th
Launch Night / July 23rd featuring the Libertines

“The Libertines are our truly first modern BRIT-pop band, as though in a parallel world where the Britpop
barometer starts with The Clash, ends with Noel Coward and firmly washes its hands of Menswear” City Life,
From their widely reported highs to their even more widely reported lows, from meltdown to elation Boys in the Band,
supported by Sony Ericsson, is an up close and personal documentary of the bumpy rise and rise of one of the most
significant bands to crash on to the modern music scene.
The Libertines have written some of the most definitive songs to start this century - and renowned music photographer
Roger Sargent has been the man at their side capturing it all on camera.
The exhibition is a stunning collection of photographs and features a combination of over 150 unseen images. Taking
these images alongside some of the best known photographs of the band, the exhibition reveals an intimate glimpse into
life with the Libertines during their meteoric rise to fame. With all the images on sale at a special low price the show finally
gives fans an opportunity to buy into a piece of music history.
In a live show with the Libertines anything can happen - the unexpected has become the expected. At the heart of the
band is the electrifying chemistry between Pete Doherty and Carl Barat which is echoed in Sargent’s striking exhibition.
Boys in the Band features the roller coaster ride of the band from the release of their first single “What a Waster” to
impromptu gigs, nights of hedonism and days of infatuated fans. The show captures Doherty’s release from prison to the
band’s reunion performance on the same day – giving the viewer exclusive access to backstage and the front of house.
• The Boys in the Band – Proud Camden, 10 Greenland Street, NW1 0ND (July 24th – July 25th 2004)
© Roger Sargent © Roger Sargent
© Roger Sargent © Roger Sargent © Roger Sargent
Roger Sargent has been a photographer for 12 years starting his career with NME shooting covers – these have
included Oasis, Primal Scream and U2. He now also shoots for Q, Rolling Stone and Mojo in addition to his work for
numerous UK newspapers.
The Libertines have a long history with Roger - starting their relationship when they lived above him in Whitechapel, he
first went on to photograph the band at Cherry Jam in 2001 where his growing cynicism of music photography was
blown apart by the band’s electric performance. Over the last three years he has formed a close relationship with the
whole band not just as official photographer but also fan and best friend.
“It would be difficult to follow this, in all the time I’ve been following bands I’ve never done anything like it. Working with
the Libertines has restored my faith in the music industry. Every time they’ve performed for two years I’ve been there,
through the highs and the lows, and every time I’ve felt like I’ve witnessed yet another historical moment. I’ve captured
that feeling and now I want to share it with the people that are most important to the boys… Their fans,” comments
Roger supports the bands belief that “it’s about time British kids had something in music to say was truly theirs,” (Pete
Doherty) and for a limited time will be selling these stunning images for under £100.
Roger continues, “People will look back and say ‘that was the Libertine’s phenomenon’. They are one of those special
bands, they’re destined for greatness more than anyone I’ve ever met; you just don’t know what’s going to happen next”.
“As Proud Galleries’ photographic partner, Sony Ericsson is thrilled to be supporting this exhibition of the most exciting
band in the UK”, comments Peter Marsden, Managing Director, Sony Ericsson UK. “Our involvement is particularly
fitting as our latest handset, the K700i, showcases both great imaging and music capabilities with a VGA camera and
built in mp3 player, enabling Libertines fans to capture an impulsive moment or listen to the band wherever they are.”
Address: Proud Camden
10 Greenland Street
London, NW!
Tube: Camden
Opening: 10am – 7pm, Monday –
11am – 6pm, Friday - Sunday
Prices: Full price £3
Concessions £2


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