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291 Gallery

291 Gallery

291 Poetry & Spoken Word
Sweet 'n' Sour

291 Bar - Tuesday 8th June 7pm, free before 8pm, £3 after
Fusing visual arts, live performances and spicy food, a night of spoken word, music and cinematic gastronomy. Percussionist Jams and Harpist Chiara improvise soundtracks to animated films by video artist and illustrator Lewis Campbell.
Performances from National Snack, 52 Pick UP, Anjan Saha and Cat the Catalyst
Special guests: award winning poet Nii Parkes, video artists Geraldine Gallavardin and painter Emma Bennet. An evening of performance poets, troubadours and a screening of In the Mood for Love.

291 Performance
Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker

291 Bar - Friday 11th June 8pm, entry £5/ £3 NUS and the beautifully attired
The infamous, fabulous Candy returns with all night performance, intervention and trickery; featuring late night art cabaret with Devilia de Dallas and Special Guests. A sensory feast to satisfy the greatest aesthetic glutton set in neo-gothic splendour. Monumental distraction, unparalleled moments of the beautiful and grotesque, exoticism, drag extraordinaire, spoken word, performance, music, film, burlesque, DJs and bar until late.
Entertainment for the beautiful and the damned on a grand scale.

291 Video & Film
291 Bar - Tuesday 15th June 8pm until midnight, free entry

291 Gallery has invited artist/curator Patricia Shrigley to present a night of experimental film, performance and music.
Live Performances: Mikhail Karikis presents compositions for vocal gestures. Language has been dismissed and only the Œwaste¹ of language remains - shouts, whispers, exclamations, stammers and breath employed as musical material.
Aime Hanson performs an experimental surrealistic selection of acts using theatrical poetry and dance.
Experimental films Programme by International artists: VJ Oxygen Olga Mink, Netherlands. The Penguin Affair Miguel Santos, Portugal. Private TV Station Maria Katsarou, Greece. Synagogues on Fire Jeremy Newman, US. Cultivating Death Martin Gruber, Germany. Out of Reach Jockel Liess, Germany. U Aint So Pearlie White / Koari / Lookbehindyou Patricia Shrigley, UK. Neum Enda O¹Donoghue, Ireland. Sharony Jennet Thomas, UK. Bye Bye Babel / Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Anne-Marie James, UK. Ambient Scapes Patrice Manillier, France. Plunge into Clubland Michael Holland, UK.
With visuals from NOID and homecooking by GORDO and Jamie Robertson of Music People.

291 Performance
the third in 291¹s series of monthly interactive performance eveningsŠ
The Left Hand That Wasn¹t Right

Thursday 17th June 8pm £8 (£6 if wearing gloves)
Puppeteers, designers, mimes, drag queens, musicians, spoken wordsmiths, acrobats, artists and dancers explore what a hand is capable of... enter a world of hand holding, monkeys paws, guilty subjects, East End alleyways, doorknobs, pointed fingers and hands that live and love and kill. Oh, the horror! Oh, the Humanity! Oh, the dirty hands! (and some clean ones too).

291 Live Music
The Young Martians - Breathe Easy
Friday 19th June 7pm
Entry £7 - reservations essential - email:
DIRTYFUZZ - Dirtyfuzz rattle out disarmingly traditional blues-drenched rock 'n' roll. The infectious energy levels are courtesy of flamboyantly afroed Elida - star in the making and proof that reinventing the wheel is less important than burning the rubber.
THE TIDE - Often described as Toploader meets The Beatles
FATHER OF BOON Father Of Boon Are Nice - we know this because their T-shirts say so. Urgent and edgy, shot-through with melody and rare craft, a gloriously unhinged premise of bass, guitar, drums, decks and sax.
Sci-Fi Hi-Fi, featuring Kevin from Seafood (tbc), begins when last band finishes and ends at 1am.

291 Poetry & Spoken Word


Mon 28th June Doors: 7pm Starts: 8pm Entry £5/£3 concs
June's Speakeasy welcomes Luton balladeer and mandolin player John Hegley, the clown prince of poetry. As usual John will be accompanied by manic sidekick Andrew Bailey, beating out unfathomable rhythms on the glove of love. Undercard features dynamic performance poet Amen Noir; suave and urbane James Byrne (motto: My name is Byrne, James Byrne...); and Asher Hoyles' irrepressible, original roots & culture stylee. Come early or you may not get in!


291 Gallery,
291 Hackney Road London E2 8NA
Tel:020 7613 5676 Fax: 020 7613 5692



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