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Presented by Kingpin & Levi’s
July 31st – August 26th, Launch Night: July 30th

This summer, the lid will be lifted on the underground culture of European skateboarding in Enjoy The Silence, a new photographic exhibition at Proud Camden (July 31 to August 26)- presented by Kingpin and Levi’s.
Featuring 120 photographs by five of the leading lights of European skate photography (Finland's Tuukka
Kaila, France's Benjamin Deberdt, Spain's Sem Rubio, Czech Republic's Alexis Zavialoff and the UK’s own
Richie Hopson), Enjoy The Silence is the largest and most ambitious photographic exhibition Europe has
seen of this secretive and reclusive urban culture.

From the danger to the elegance, the bravery to the finesse, through the art, personalities, the bloodshed
and victory - Enjoy The Silence is simultaneously fascinating and visceral, engaging and perturbing.
Follow the action from across the continent as Kingpin – Skateboarding Europa Magazine pulls in the most
out-there images of the driven youth from Sofia, Belfast, Girona, Paris, Prague, Jerusalem, Barcelona and
every backstreet in between.

So whether you know Andrechts from your elbow or not, Enjoy The Silence is a straight- up banger of a
show for anyone with even a passing interest in the physical music of skateboarding. Howard Byron – Double Axel Carve, South Sea Laurie Sherman – Back side in Viaduct Aaron Suski 5050 Javier-Mendizabal

• Proud Camden, 10 Greenland Street. London. NW1 0ND
• July 31st – August 26th (Launch night: July 30th )


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