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Olympic Nut Push.

Olympic Nut Push.

In support of the London 2012 Olympic bid on Saturday June 26th I will attempt to push a monkey nut along the road with my nose for two miles. I am trying to get support to have monkey nut pushing entered as an Olympic event, hopefully it can be picked up and sanctioned in time for the London 2012 Olympics. I will be starting from Camberwell Green at 10am and hopefully finishing at Peckham Square between 6 and 8pm. On the 26th June the Olympic torch will be carried through London on its way to Athens and this years Olympic games, between 12 and 1 o clock the torch should be coming past me on the same route, as I slowly push my nut along, surely with people like me and Lord Coe behind the London Olympic bid we just cant fail to beat off the other rivals. So come along and support the Olympic nut push and watch the Olympic torch being carried through London.

I previously pushed a monkey nut 7 miles along the road with my nose finishing at 10 Downing Street where I handed the nut over to Tony Blair.

There is also a concert in the Mall supporting Londons 2012 Olympic bid on the 26th June with Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne. Some of the Olympic torch bearers are Ian Botham, Tim Henman Frank Bruno Heather McCartney Mills and Sally Gunnell.

The Olympic Nut Push is also part of Camberwell Arts Week.


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