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Photography by Dzintris Liepa

The Waiting Rooms Gallery

Photography by Dzintris Liepa

May 30th 2004 - June 27th 2004

Dzintris Liepa’s approach to photography is elegantly simple. He is
concerned with the immediacy of the medium, it’s ability to communicate with
the viewer so easily, that they can be affected by it without having to
struggle with an in depth analysis of technical or conceptual matters. His
subject matter is wide ranging and diverse. From street musicians to animals
and then on to skyscrapers and romantic sunrises, The common theme is that
of the uncomplicated, beautiful image.

Liepa’s love of photography, and particularly the physical act of taking
the photograph is clear. All his work is an observation rather than a
construction. He has a keen and unhesitating eye, and it often seems that
his photographs are taken through instinct rather than design, allowing him
to produce vibrant, accessible images with which everyone will be able to
connect and recognise.

Perhaps in contrast to his initial steps in photography, Liepa also
exhibits a more methodical, scientific side to his work regarding technical
matters. He is interested in the developing and printing process and the
various different methods by which an image can be produced and is currently
experimenting further in these fields.

Overall it is clear that Liepa is a naturally talented and well rounded
artist. His ability to recognise and capture moments of beauty as they occur
around him is a wonderful gift and one that he has used to great effect in
this exhibition. There is such a variety of images on display here that it
is guaranteed no one seeing them will fail to find something they like.

Dzintris Liepa is of Latvian descent. Having studied General Arts at
Manchester University he has gone on to work in a variety of fields
including as a chauffer and a postman and has travelled extensively in
Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. He currently lives and works in



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