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State of Independence

A Vision in Art Themed Show
State of Independence

2nd July - 11th July 2004

Exhibition Details (over two venues)

Unit B
Leswin Place
Stoke Newington
N16 7NJ

Ilex Works, 2nd Floor
10 Northwold Road
Stoke Newington
N16 7HR

Private Views: Thursday 1st July 6pm-10pm
Open: Friday - Sunday 12pm-6pm

Arwen Banning Mark Bell Claire Brewster Lucia Cipriano Paola Chiaia Daedalus
Sarah Doyle Kate Forrest Peter Ibreugger Catherine Jacobs Fabienne Jaquet
Calum F. Kerr Daniel Lehan Birgit Medele Weibke Morgan Neil Taylor

INDEPENDENCE - a word synonymous with Freedom.
But in today's Global Multicultural Pluralistic Anything Goes world, is there anything left to seek Independence from?

For this first Vision in Art themed show, 16 members whose work crosses all Media boundaries, attempt to tackle a Big Issue - Exactly what does it mean to be Independent - Personally, Politically, Sexually, Historically and most importantly Artwise - If it is at all possible?

This themed Exhibition complements the Vision in Art Showcase series begun with 'Come on you Intellectuals' - Deptford X : June 2003 and 'Feast' - Millers House, 3 Mills : December 2003, which continues with an Exhibition at the START centre, Woolwich in early September 2004.

Vision in Art
44A Halesworth Road London SE13 7TN 020 8320 2099



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