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pressure sound - launch night

pressure sound - launch night

This Friday sees the launch of pressure sound, a club born from the fusion of electro and dancehall, hip-hop and breaks. An attitude free club where the latest efforts of bedroom based electronica artists go head to head with certified Jamaican soundsystem bangers, where rough electro and hip-hop can cosey up to each other and rub shoulders on the dancefloor, and where some of the best DJs around can escape the tyranny of big clubs and genuinely play what they want.

The first three month's see's us welcome down a trio of DJs from one of the most forward thinking and consistently good labels operating today, Rephlex Records, first up we have Chris Jeffs, better known as Cylob, as Rephlex's most prolific artist with several LPs and singles to his credit, Cylob has always cut between styles from purist braindance to electro, to ambient to dancehall and this is reflected in his eclectic DJ sets. Always a crowd pleaser, it is with special pleasure that we welcome Chris back to the Asylum. Over the following months we have sets from Ed DMX who is currently causing maximun dancefloor damage with his 'Collapse of the Wave Function' 7"s and LP and the mighty Bug, whose awesome 'Pressure' LP is one of the finest examples of what can happen when dancehall falls into the wrong hands.

Maintaining the pressure at all times we have as residents DJs from the innovative webzine MusicalBear ( and 'prolific promoter/dj' (time out) John Power supplying everything from Aphex Twin to Ward 21.

Perfectly at home in the intimate surroundings of the Asylum, just off Oxford Street, a venue with a well earned reputation for drunken and debauched nights that have seen the place become a vital part of the london club scene, and drawing in the kind of up for it, friendly and knowledgable crowds that belies it's tiny size.

pressure sound
First friday of every month
electro, dancehall and breaks

John Power (furthur/333)
Musicalbear Soundsystem DJs (

June 4th - Cylob (rephlex/breakin)
July 2nd - Ed DMX (breakin/rephlex)
August 6th - The Bug (rephlex)

The Asylum,

corner of Rathbone Place, w1 (opposite the Marquis de Granby)
8pm till 2am
£5 all night
Reduced admission, badges and pressure mix cd for the first 30 people down each month


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