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The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Garden of Earthly Delights

With support from the Arts Council Of England

Images and information on all the artists and their work can be seen on

The Artists - Loren Beven, Elizabeth Cannon, Gayle Chong Kwan, Faye Claridge, Sarah Cole, Stephanie Douet, Françoise Dupré, Steven Duncan, Alan Franklin, Richard Henry, Maslen & Mehra, Wiz J Patterson, Marilyn Rogers, Anne Rook, Julian Rowe, Harald Smykla, Lynne Williams, Celia Willis & Lottie Leedham.

Dates - 17th May – 18th July 2004. Open dawn till dusk. Entrance is free.

Venue - The Walled Garden, near the duck ponds, Brockwell Park, London SW2.

Tube - Brixton, Train - Herne Hill, Buses - 2, 3, 35, 37, 68,196, 201, 322, 432, 468, 690, P4

Nearest parking – Arlingford Road, Brailsford Road.

The symbol of the enclosed garden appears throughout history and across cultures. It is Eden, a symbol of innocence, Paradise, Avalon, Arcadia, home of the Fountain of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.

This site-specific exhibition shows work by 20 contemporary artists created for the beautiful and contemplative Walled Garden in Brockwell Park, an oasis in urban South London.

They have reflected on The Garden, cocooned from the dangerous world, isolated from evil, crime, fear, envy and want that exists outside. This mini-world experience of the walled garden is an illusion. Innocence is an illusive thing, often what appears safe, innocent and protected (a Garden of Eden) is the most harmful.

The exhibits also reference the mythologies of the garden, from the classical myths of the Mulberry tree, sacred to Athena, the golden apples of the Hesprides, 'Et in Arcadia Ego' to the the Green Man and The Singing Ringing Tree.

Other of the artists investigate naturalness and genetic modification, naturalisation (of plants and people), and the difference between the Exotic and desirable flower with the 'foreign' and undesirable weed.


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