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a space

Opening night: Friday 11th June 2004 from 7.00pm
Exhibitions continue until 23rd July 2004
A welcome invitation is extended to all who wish to
come and join the artists for a drink on the opening night from 7.00pm

All fur coat and no knickers > Victoria Melody

Victoria Melody: Still from Bastard Bee

All fur coat and no knickers

Victoria Melody’s new exhibition wholeheartedly embraces performance and video art, using
black humour as a diverse tool, to make us consider our own actions, roles and personalities.

Bastard Bee? the most exasperated of Melody’s alter ego’s performs in the large bay window of the
gallery. His costume is a childlike representation of a bee, in this case wielding a chainsaw and intent
on interacting with the audience. Throughout the exhibition the window is dressed to resemble that of
a prostitute’s as seen in Amsterdam’s red light district.
Inside the gallery a small security monitor shows footage of Bastard Bee whilst performing
@ The Blue X? [lap dance club] in the centre of Leicester, and gave free one to one dances,
with a difference. This touch’s upon the common prostitution of our views in order that we thrive.

Live performances by Bastard Bee
11th June 7pm > 8 pm
8th July 7pm > 8 pm
15th July 7pm > 8 pm

I am Lance interact with me > Lance Benham

Lance Benham: aged 11

I am Lance interact with me

Lance’s work looks at society, from the largest scale down to the minutia of life, exposing
the hidden stories & details in life which all to often, and so easily pass us by. Almost
unknowingly he seems to blend the worlds of surveillance & voyeurism leading us to examine our own social evolution.

The two works on display are entitled ‘My name is Lance interact with me’ & ‘Polaroid’ and promise to cause quite a stir.

Live performances by Lance Benham
24th June 7pm > 9pm
1st July 7pm > 9pm

An evening with the artists Victoria Melody and Lance Benham > 17th June 7pm > 9pm

End of show party > 23rd July 7pm > 9pm

Additional information
Two artists who use a variety of media and method to support their true practise, performance. They share concerns about control and the current social climate, but attack this common ill from very different points of view. Miss Melody’s characterisations fit beautifully within the media of film and live performance, and Lance, well, just don’t miss your opportunity to meet him. - Ben Scott a space

a space
9-11 Old Northam Rd, Southampton, SO14 ONZ.
023 80 338 778


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