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Mat Sant

Private View: Thursday 1st July 6-9pm
Exhibition continues until 31st July 2004

In his first major show since the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2003, Mat’s latest work is a kaleidoscopic adventure in colour in which he further develops his sensual musings on beauty with emotive abstraction.
A graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, Mat’s work focuses on the relationship between modern computer technology and traditional printmaking practice, in particular, the techniques involved in the transference of digitally manipulated imagery into established print techniques, such as screen-printing and lithography.
Since leaving the Royal College of Art as a student, Mat’s experience in reprographics ensured that he returned in 2000 as a visiting lecturer and Digital Print Coordinator. Last year Mat left the college to set up his own successful business as a digital fine art printer but his authority is still much in demand and spring 2005 will see him spending time in Canada where he is giving a lecture series to the Alberta College of Art.
Mat’s work is held in a number of collections around the world including The Victoria & Albert Museum, Soobin Art Gallery - Singapore, World Com, The Marsh Collection, Astra Charnwood, The; Redfern, Catto & Henry Peacock Galleries, The Image Bridge - Bogota as well as works in the Royal College of Art Print Archive and Loughborough University Collections.
PRIVATE VIEW – Thursday 1st July 6-9PM
The Michael Naimski Gallery, 387 King Street, London, W6 9NJ. Tel: 0208 8563 0078


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