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Selby Town Hall Arts Centre’s season of performances draws to a close at the end of May, but over the summer months we are hosting two exciting exhibitions of contemporary paintings.

Admission is FREE, so the exhibitions provide an ideal opportunity for people to find some peace and quiet during their lunch break, or a few minutes of tranquillity, away from the hassle of shopping. And each exhibition is worth a return visit – as the paintings tend to reveal more depth on each viewing.

John Parkin: PAINT BOMB

John Parkin’s exhibition “Paint Bomb” will take over the Town Hall building. John will transform the space; not only by hanging several large scale paintings, but also because new walls will be installed especially for the show!

At first glance, John’s works resemble conventional portraits of inspirational characters such as astronauts, rodeo riders or fighter pilots. But on closer inspection the paintings reveal fluid patterns of colour and distortions. Perhaps there is more to these would-be “superheroes” than first meets the eye?

Since graduating from University of Northumbria in 2000, with a First Class Degree in Fine Art, John has had his work exhibited at Newcastle Airport (June 2000), at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester (June 2002), Apart Art Gallery in London’s Notting Hill (March 2001).

Hailing from Hemingbrough, John has also exhibited his work locally. In September 2000 John was one of five artists exhibiting in Selby under the title “North Yorkshire Contemporary.” In November 2000, John exhibited at The Cheese Shop Café in Howden. And in July 2003, John exhibited one of his works in Selby Abbey, as part of the Michael Lyons’ exhibition “Celebrate.”

Now, one year on, John has chosen Selby Town Hall for his first professional solo exhibition.

“Paint Bomb” will be launched with a special evening event on 24th June.

“Paint Bomb” – an exhibition of paintings by John Parkin, will be open to the public (admission FREE) at Selby Town Hall from 25th June – 25th July 2004 (Mondays – Saturdays 10am-6pm, Sundays 11am - 4pm)

For further information, contact John Parkin, Drey 77, Water Lane, Hemingbrough, Selby, North Yorkshire, Y08 6QL, ENGLAND.
Tel. +44 (0)1757 638414.

Blue Wilson: ROUTES:

Blue Wilson’s exhibition “Routes” will also transform spaces, not only the challenging space of the Town Hall Building, but also a surprising depth of space within her works.

The first things to hit you about Blue’s work are the bold geometric shapes and the vibrant electric colours that are full of energy. But as one continues to watch the paintings, a sense of three dimensionality and perspective draw in, giving the illusion that objects are floating in space, either in front or behind the painting itself.

Her new paintings explore concepts of spatial ambiguity further and combine multi-layered elements. Pictorial abstractions are formed with diagrammatic ‘routes’ or networks and repeat motifs that imply multiplication. There is a blurring in the boundaries between painting and the aesthetic of computer related technology. This is also seen in the use of colour that is described as “natural and synthetic sensations of light”. Materiality and surface are paramount and ideas relating to the function of the gesture within painting are questioned resulting in works that are techno-impressionist, indexical of the screen.

This exhibition is an opportunity to establish the artist and her work within the areas growing arts and culture network, and to continue the momentum and vibrancy of the Arts Centre’s programme, benefiting both Selby town, and district.

Blue graduated in Fine Art from Loughborough University School of Art & Design in 2000, and obtained a Masters from the Royal College of Art in 2002. Although based in Selby, she is now a visiting lecturer at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and University of Huddersfield.

Blue has exhibited widely in London (New Academy Gallery, Blackheath Gallery, Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, Vertigo Gallery) and has had works purchased by
B.N.P Paribas, the T.I Group and Michael Portillo! But this is the first time Blue has exhibited her work in her hometown of Selby.

“Routes” will be launched with a special evening event on 9th August.

“Routes” – an exhibition of paintings by Blue Wilson, will be open to the public (admission FREE) at Selby Town Hall from 10th August – 10th September 2004 (Mondays – Saturdays 10am-6pm, Sundays 11am - 4pm)

For further information, contact Blue Wilson, 38 Wavell Street, Selby, North Yorkshire, Y08 4DE, ENGLAND.
Tel. +44 (0)7939 180 627.

The artist wishes to thank Selby Town Hall Arts Centre and Arts Council England, Yorkshire for their support.


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