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Exhibition Date: Wednesday 24/03/04 – 24/04/04

GILL ROCCA graduated with an MA in European Fine Art from Winchester School of Art, Barcelona, in 1995. Since then she has been building a solid reputation through galleries such as Blue Gallery and Northcote Gallery. CLAPHAM ART GALLERY is delighted to present Rocca with her second one person show in as many years.

Rocca is well known for her impeccably rendered sea and sky paintings, having moved on originally from black monochromes. For her most recent body of work Rocca has responded to her more immediate locale by painting the urban landscape. In particular, she has been working from photographic source material derived at dusk from Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common:

“My cycle journey home from the studio every night takes me through both commons and has allowed me to observe the changes in the landscape and the light over four seasons. Photographing at dusk not only gives the work a specific mood but offers a way to document this change through time.”

Rocca’s subject matter has therefore shifted from a natural, more universal and non-referential place to a site-specific environment that is close to her own personal experience. There is still, however, a great sense of mystery contained within these landscapes. Natural light vies with artificial as street lamps are lit against the reclining light of the sky. Likewise, we might discern distant car headlights passing against the evening horizon line as areas become illuminated, trees silhouetted and paths discernible. All this serves to present a familiar, fleeting occurrence as fixed and permanent.

Just as with Rocca’s sky and sea paintings, after witnessing her work it is difficult to experience the world around us in the same way. By applying very sensitive layers of interpretation and presentation, Rocca redefines everyday occurrences. Whilst presenting a painting that consists of simplified visual elements depicting an expanse of open space defined by “a horizon line of trees and lights, the occasional building, the implication of a road”, she expresses the landscape’s inherent power by manifesting its actual essence. By these means Rocca creates a series that is delicately considered and realized. These works are enigmatic and sometimes eerie, but always deeply atmospheric and moving, confronting us with the sublime authority of nature itself.

Clapham Art Gallery, 61 Venn Street, London SW4 0BD

Unit 02, 40-48 Bromell's Road, London SW4 0BG

+44 (0)20 7720 0955

Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-7pm


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