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If you Look Out To Sea Long Enough…

1st – 30th Of June
Exposure Gallery

If you Look Out To Sea Long Enough…
Travel and identity in the New Millennium. By Esta Sabetpour.

This photographic showcase is host to a unique style of travel documentation
and surreal photo artwork. The theme draws from the desire to travel, which
has exploded within ‘Generation X’. Raising Issues of identity, human
fascination with the exotic and a lack of satisfaction with ones
The work is equally about the role and effect of snapshot photography upon
the memory - as it is about the experience of travel. Images, which were not
taken whilst abroad, employ the idea that if the body is present in one
place, the mind may be elsewhere.

A Fascination with extreme situations

Terminal Wanderlust
A condition common to people…Unable to feel rooted in any one environment –
they move continually in the hope of finding an idealised sense of community
in the next location.

Now Denial
To tell ones self that the only time worth living in is the past and the
only time that may ever be interesting again is the future.

*Extracts from ‘Generation X’ By D. Coupland. (St Martins Press, USA 1991)

E.Sabetpour studied fine art at Central St Martins and Photography at the
London College of Printing. The continual focus of her work has been travel
and identity through combining photography and fine art.


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