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Kev Rice + Dave Smith

Saturday 20 March - Sunday 18 April
Opening night Thursday 18th March 6-9 (after party INDO)

Black + Blue is a show of new work by Kev Rice and Dave Smith, two London-based artists. Black + Blue is the 20th show at the space.

Kev Rice and Dave Smith have continuously developed a collaborative practice of exhibiting since meeting at the Slade School of Art in 1998. Their commitment in exhibiting together, parallel to their own individual concerns, comes out of an interest in wanting to let the displayed art work stand alone, maintain its physical presence and hold its own power in relation to the viewer, whilst simultaneously acknowledging the impact of external forces, including social context and other artifacts.

The aspect of day to day life most susceptible to turbulence is interacting with other souls. The existence of this turbulence (which is not satisfied with little and is never satisfied by itself) is essential to evolution. Like dust particles in a broad shaft of sunlight, it can occur in any situation and adopt any form. It is untraceable. It cannot be defined in negative or positive terms, only by the effect it has on productivity and consumption. The movement of energy concerning these activities is often dense and cluttered. The clean feather-like thoughts that follow the conclusion of such negotiations are as beautiful as fresh milk. A cleansing takes place. A raising to the ground of old concerns and ideas, manifesting in an overpowering, reinvigorated longing for the future. This is the natural order of things. What is required is an automated separation. A system of activities virtual in nature, transient and above all poetic. What would a life separated from the activities of others do? Its movements would be less bovine, though unable to rely on a foundation of networks, the traditional schema. It might perhaps dance with such a deft touch, negating the necessity for roots. These words are brutal. They signal a need for a change of direction. A raising to the ground of the natural order of things. We are participating in a vacuous market. A play of movements of scant development and a splicing of energy culminating in a fraying of the edges of 'not knowing' for the sake of clarity, quick fix reciprocity and a longing for a future that has in fact already been bypassed, yet always keeping the horizon dead ahead, ensuring the repetition of the beyond. The facade is paper thin, disguising an even more fragile content. Production and products founded on a perpetual fallacy of self-professing validity, perpetrated by the practitioners themselves, reinforced and given momentum by those outside of the loop, through fear of seeming inadequate. Sooner or later, allowing our thoughts to run their natural course we come up against the 'object', the thing, the obstructive messenger. The object is everything, therefore any object will do! Paradoxically the cultural object is meaningless, unlike the social object. The social object placed in a cultural environment becomes meaningless by association. The whole process plays out the rational for the removal of the point of emission of the cultural object. The numbed meaningless cultural object and its repercussions are bleeding out into reality, playing out the rational for the removal of the point of reception, the specific cultural context. We as a society have evolved to the point of the cultural context's abjectness. Culture has become subservient like an echo's penultimate reverberation. We have to chose between suicide or the systematic, mechanized killing off of all living things, a dialectic choice. A cultural cleansing of meaning. We need to reduce the turbulence and stop collecting road kill. We must become an abattoir and process the meat straight from the butcher's slab. The head moves quicker than the limbs. The limbs in fact are subservient to the head. So the limbs must be hacked off. But in order to look over its shoulder the head relies on the limbs for mobility, so we must prick out its eyes.

Next show: Terry Atkinson 8 May - 6 June
Then: John Miller 26 June - 25 July

Jeffrey Charles Gallery
34 Settles Street
E1 1JP

Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm or by appointment



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