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These Things T
ake Time

These Things Take Time

Private View 25 March 6 – 9
26 MARCH – 18 APRIL 2004

Space-twotentwo are pleased to present the first UK solo show by London based artist Heike Cavallo, introducing new video works.

In These Things Take Time four screens simultaneously show moments of suspense and retention.

The work could be described as a photograph waiting to happen as we watch fragments of an event, looping endlessly, leaving the viewer waiting in anticipation for a climax that is never reached.

Cavallo has been slowly moving away from the more mechanical and ‘de-humanising’ way of directing used in pieces such as Don't (2000), where a man constantly interrupts his laughter, towards a more descriptive type of editing and investigation into the unconscious spaces we inhabit.

An attention to time and reverie plays a big part in Heike Cavallo's work as is particularly obvious in videos such as I can Feel… (2001). A businesswoman is running apparently endlessly and seemingly aimlessly on a country road.

This attention to things leading nowhere or placed immanently into the present has been developed with the video work One Minute (2004). The fiction is limited to seeming observation and ‘passive direction’ and focuses on mundane yet slightly absurd events.

Her work keeps the spectator guessing about the bigger picture and to question why we’re thrown into the middle of a scene with no clear beginning or end as in CICG (2004), an exploration of ‘non-space’ or a de-personalised space. The nature of CICG isn't clear and its geographical location non-descript as clear narrative and context have been removed. Its entirely carpeted brown floors and walls freeze it in a time passed as well as ‘camouflaging’ visual information.

Heike Cavallo graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2002 and now works using video, photography and other media as part of her installations. She has shown her work extensively in the UK, Europe and America.

Next Show: David Rodriguiz 10 June – 4 July

unit 2 210 cambridge heath road london e2 9nq


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