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ICA LISTINGS : 9 - 15 April

9 - 15 April

Beck's Futures 2004

'Dedicated to the support of developing of the country's premier arts prizes' Independent The ICA presents the fifth annual Beck's Futures exhibition and awards, bringing together work from ten of the most exciting UK-based artists, some of whom were born in Bulgaria, Turkey, the Netherlands and Brazil. The exhibition confirms the cosmopolitan nature of the UK's contemporary arts scene, and the range of artistic and cultural resources informing art made in the UK.
The shortlisted artists are: Haluk Akakce, Tonico Lemos Auad, Simon Bedwell, Ergin Cavusoglu, Andrew Cross, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Susan Philipsz, Imogen Stidworthy, Hayley Tompkins and Nicoline Van Harskamp. Each receives an award of £4,000 from the total awards fund of £65,000 that makes this the UK's most generous art awards. Mon-Fri £1.50, £1.00 Concs, FREE to ICA Members; Sat & Sun £2.50, £1.50 Concs, FREE to ICA Members Lower, Concourse and Upper Galleries & Cinema 2


Friday 9 April
OSAMA (Cinema 1)
(Cinema 1) 6.30pm
DOLL SQUAD (Cinema 1)
PLATFORM (Cinema 2)

Saturday 10 April
OSAMA (Cinema 1)
2.45, 4.45, 6.45pm
(Cinema 2) 6.30pm
PLATFORM (Cinema 2)
THRILLER (Cinema 1)

Sunday 11 April
OSAMA (Cinema 1)
2.30, 6.45, 6.45pm
XIAO WU (Cinema 2)
(Cinema 1) 8.30pm
(Cinema 2) 8.30pm

Monday 12 April
OSAMA (Cinema 1)
XIAO WU (Cinema 2)
KILL BILL 1 (Cinema 1)
KILL BILL 2 (Cinema 1)
(Cinema 2) 8.30pm

Tuesday 13 April
OSAMA (Cinema 1)
4.45, 6.45, 8.30pm
XIAO WU (Cinema 2)
(Cinema 2) 8.30pm

Wednesday 14 April
OSAMA (Cinema 1)
4.45, 6.45, 8.30pm
(Cinema 2)
(Cinema 2) 6.45pm

Thursday 15 April
OSAMA (Cinema 1)
4.30, 6.30pm
(Cinema 2) 6pm
(Cinema 2) 8.30pm


ica projects

'Miraculous' Time Out
'Impeccable ... heart-stopping ... fearless' Times
'Enchanting, sometimes terrifying ... a Taliban thriller' Dazed & Confused The first film from Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, Siddiq Barmak's stunning, Sutherland Award-winning and Golden Globe nominated Osama received a standing ovation at its Cannes Festival premiere last year. Through the lens of a Western news cameraman, street urchin Espandi leads the way to a remarkable protest by blue-veiled women whose demonstrations are swiftly swept from the streets of Kabul. Among the crowds is a young, nameless girl (Marina Golbahari) who finds herself shorn and disguised as a boy in order to work. But when she is rounded up and sent to a religious school where she is named Osama, her disguise dramatically falters and she embarks on a further odyssey through the judicial system of the Taliban. From a country that has produced less than 40 films in the past century, Afghanistan's first Academy nomination is a passionate and lyrical film full of exquisitely surreal imagery and evocative of its spiritual godfather (and uncredited producer) Mohsen Makhmalbaf's now-legendary Kandahar. Dir Siddiq Barmak, Afghanistan 2003, 82 mins, subs, 12A

All Tomorrow's Parties
'modern cyberpunk film' Le Monde

Serious science-fiction, set in a future China controlled by a severe religious authoritarian sect (shades of Falun Gong and Taliban) that has effectively abolished all traces of freedom. Two brothers are sent for re-education to an internment camp where they befriend a Korean mother, a hard-fought-for human bond in an inhuman environment. Liberated by a sudden and unexplained revolt, the group set out together to discover what's become of their devastated world. Director Yu Lik Wai (director of the 1999 Cannes entry Love Will Tear Us Apart and Jia Zhangke's regular DP) may have created - entirely on found locations - one of the grimmest dystopias in cinema history, but he's realised it with a visual style that makes experiencing it no hardship. A powerful, mesmerising experience.
Dir Yu Lik Wai, China 2003, 95 mins, subs

Cinema 2: 8 - 19 April
Jia Zhangke & Yu Lik Wai

'Far below the radar, in a dusty pocket of inland China that lends new meaning to 'Middle Earth', another trilogy was taking shape' Village Voice Since 1997, director Jia Zhangke has made three films about disaffected, marginalised youngsters confronting radical changes to life in post-Mao China. Although his films have never been shown theatrically in his own country, Jia's international status is assured thanks to this loose trilogy made in collaboration with his versatile, visionary DP Yu Lik Wai (a director himself - see All Tomorrow's Parties).

Cinema 2: 8 -10 Apr

'A masterly achievement' Time Out
Jia Zhangke's second film firmly placed the director in the hierarchy of international cinema. Following the fortunes of a collective of young performers in provincial China after the Cultural Revolution, the film observes relationships within the group, its members differing expectations and the gradual widening of their - and their country's - horizons. Together again, Jia and DP Yu Lik Wai refined their style on this epic film to illustrate the almost imperceptible changes taking place in the world of their young protagonists. Subtle, touching and very rewarding.
Dir Jia Zhangke, China 2000, 154 mins, subs, 15

Cinema 2: 11-13 Apr; 6.15pm
Xiao Wu

' of the most impressive Chinese films of the 90s' Sight & Sound Set and shot in the director's northern Chinese hometown of Fenyang, Jia Zhangke's first film focuses on bespectacled loner Xiao Wu, a pickpocket who preys on the visitors attracted by the commercial activity of his native backwater. Xiao Wu shuffles through his life, becoming increasingly isolated and falling lower and lower on the social ladder (not that those around him seem to be faring much better). A remarkable debut, distinguished by a rigorous scruffiness and semi-documentary feel courtesy of DP Yu Lik Wai.
Dir Jia Zhangke
China 1997, 108 mins, subs

Cinema 2: 14 - 20 Apr
Unknown Pleasures

'Fascinating...poignant' Time Out
More pop-oriented than its predecessors, this detailed snapshot of stalled young lives is given great immediacy thanks to director Jia Zhangke and DP Yu Lik Wai's decision to shoot digitally. A pair of unemployed teenage boys mooch around the old mining town of Datong, watching TV, courting girls, quoting Tarantino and listening to news broadcasts about the wide world beyond. Things are changing all around them, but their attempts to do likewise go nowhere. Full of bustle, music and small, significant events, this is a vibrant yet contemplative masterpiece. Dir Jia Zhangke China 2002, 112 mins, subs, 12A

8 - 11 Apr, 8.30pm
Film Four and the ICA present
The Kill Bill Connection

In the run-up to our special double-bill of Kill Bill Volumes I & II on Monday 12 April, we present a selection of some of the strange, savage and stylish films that influenced Tarantino's two-fisted, double-edged action epic.

9 Apr, 8.30pm
The Doll Squad

Welcome to the low-budget world of B-movie maestro Ted V. Mikels! The director of The Corpse Grinders and Blood Orgy of the She-Devils will also be remembered as the man who inspired Charlie's Angels, thanks to this gals-with-guns action extravaganza. A team of female agents (including cult star Tura Satana) are assembled by CIA super-computer Bertha to save the world from an evil megalomaniac. A cheerfully cheesy 1970s score and a wonderful array of fashionable outfits prove the perfect accessories to this drive-in favourite.
Thanks to Ted V. Mikels for this screening
Dir Ted V. Mikels
USA, 1973, 91 mins

Members Only
10 Apr, 8.30pm
Thriller - En Grym Film
(aka They Call Her One-Eye)

A unique opportunity to see director Boarne Vibenius's notorious film on the big-screen. Swedish exploitation star Christina Lindberg plays a young woman who, after being assaulted, hooked on drugs, forced into prostitution and having an eye gouged out, sets out to get her own back in suitably merciless style. Raw and hardcore for sure, but it's also brilliantly orchestrated by Vibenius and fearlessly played by Lindberg. The film that directly inspired Daryl Hannah's Kill Bill character is definitely not for the squeamish or easily-offended. Thanks to Boarne and Lill Vibenius and the Swedish FilmInstitute for this screening. Dir Boarne Vibenius Sweden, 1974, 105 mins (ICA Members only. Any new membership must be acquired 48 hrs prior to screening) 11 Apr, 8.30pm

Female Convict Scorpion - Jailhouse 41
'Cross her and she's going to pull out your teeth or bite your cock off...I wanted that kind of quality in The Bride in Kill Bill.' Quentin Tarantino A bracing, blazing action film: Implacable badass Scorpion (played by Lady Snowblood Meiko Kaji) and a group of fellow convicts escape from a hellish women's prison and try to make their way to freedom. Any obstacles in their way are given short shrift, especially a busload of boorish male vacationers. Savage and direct, but textured with memorably surreal moments.
Dir Shunya Ito
Japan, 1972, 89 mins

Cinema 1: 12 Apr
BVI and Film Four present
Kill Bill Double Bill

To win tickets for the Kill Bill double bill preview on Monday 12 April simply write your name & number on the back of your ticket stub for any of the four films in this Kill Bill season and hand back to the box office. Winners will be notified by 1pm Monday 12 April. This season has been produced in association with BVI and Film Four with the help of Vizeum. (See p12)

12 Apr, 6.30pm
Kill Bill Vol 1

'The most gorgeous B-movie ever made' Chicago Tribune
Uma Thurman takes on all-comers in the first part of Tarantino's tribute to exploitation cinema. Left for dead by Bill and her former colleagues in the killer clan known as the DiVAs, Thurman - known simply as The Bride - sets out on 'a roaring rampage of revenge'. Deathmatch opponents here are Viveca Fox and Lucy Liu (and, of course, hospital orderly Buck and the ballsy Go Go Yubari). With Round 2 coming right up; you can really relish the cliffhanger ending...
Dir Quentin Tarantino
US, 2003, 111 mins

12 Apr, 8.45pm
Kill Bill Vol 2

The Bride is back! And the carnage continues... Now all that remains between her and Bill (David Carradine) is the one-two punch of Michael Madsen and Daryl Hannah. Martial-arts legend Gordon Liu (36th Chamber of Shaolin) is on hand to help our heroine with some extra-curricular training. The ultimate outcome is still shrouded in mystery, but expect Tarantino to wrap things up in spectacular style. Dir Quentin Tarantino US, 2004, running-time tbc

Until 16 May
Galleries: 12-7.30pm, Cinema 2: 12-5.30pm
Beck's Futures 2004

'Dedicated to the support of developing artists, of the country's premier arts prizes' Independent The ICA presents the fifth annual Beck's Futures exhibition and awards, bringing together work from ten of the most exciting UK-based artists. Some of whom were born in Bulgaria, Turkey, the Netherlands and Brazil. The exhibition confirms the cosmopolitan nature of the UK's contemporary arts scene, and the range of artistic and cultural resources informing art made in the UK.

The shortlisted artists are: Haluk Akakce, Tonico Lemos Auad, Simon Bedwell, Ergin Cavusoglu, Andrew Cross, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Susan Philipsz, Imogen Stidworthy, Hayley Tompkins and Nicoline Van Harskamp. Each receives £4,000 from the total awards fund of £65,000 that makes this the UK's most generous art awards. Beck's Futures 2004 will see the ICA's spaces animated by seductive and immersive video installations and films, as well as sound-based pieces which draw upon sources as diverse as Cilla Black and Rosa Luxembourg. Also displayed will be figures sculpted from carpet fluff, delicate abstract watercolours, and found posters editorialised through the addition of trenchant slogans and spray paint. Through the course of the show, the ICA will also play host to a succession of professional security guards, invited to the building for a single day. Ranging from department store guards to Street Wardens, their presence will form the live aspect of a work offering A Guide to UK Security Guards. This year's selection was made by the curators Klaus Biesenbach, Katrina Brown and Dan Cameron, and artists Mark Dion and Philippe Parreno. A further overall award of £20,000 will be made to one artist from the shortlist, which will be announced in late April 2004. Mon-Fri £1.50, £1.00 Concs, FREE to ICA Members; Sat & Sun £2.50, £1.50 Concs, FREE to ICA Members Lower, Concourse and Upper Galleries & Cinema 2

Thu 8 Apr - Mon 12 Apr 2004.
Beck's Futures 2004
Student Prize for Film and Video

The ICA is proud to present the Beck's Futures Student Prize for Film and Video - which gives support to students at UK institutions working with moving-image media. This year's shortlist, chosen by the artist Alison Jackson, and film director Sophie Fiennes, reflects the engagement of artists with contemporary issues, from race, sexuality and politics; the idioms range from humorous short films to on-camera performances and digital animation. An unmissable opportunity to view the work of the most promising students working in moving-image media, with selected award-winners receiving a share of £5,000 worth of awards. Visitors should note that this year's exhibition contains material that some may find disturbing and consider unsuitable for children. Daily 12-7.30pm Brandon Room., Nash Room. Free with Day Membership

Fri 26 Mar - Sun 16 May 2004.
Beck's Futures 2004: Andrew Cross

One of the ten participants in Beck's Futures 2004, Andrew Cross presents his most recent work in Cinema 2. Though better known for his photographic work Andrew Cross's participation in this year's Beck's Futures exhibition takes the form of a single three-part film, Foreign Power. The work will be screened at half-hour intervals, with the final showing beginning at 5.00pm. Cinema 2, Free with Day Membership


Thurs 15 Apr, 8pm

Continuing its highly successful musical journey this month the Blacktronica crew invites one of its favourite London clubs to join them behind the turntables. Look out as the Bop Gun massive pitch up with tunes, singers and serious dancefloor vibes. Guaranteed to be packed, so arrive early to book your space on the dancefloor. £6, £5 Concs. Free to ICA Members Bar

Sat 17 Apr, 9pm

The legendary night sambas into spring to bring you the latest hottest tracks from Rio mixed with rare Jazz, samba and Bossa's swaying rhythems. As always this is a hot hot ticket so book in advance and get down early to secure your dancing hot-spot. £6, £5 Concs. Free to ICA Members Bar

World premiere
Thur 8 - Tues 13 Apr,

Guided Tours on the hour 3-6pm and half-hour 6.30-8.30pm Calling All Agents INS Broadcasting The ICA Theatre becomes the Transmission Room for The International Necronautical Society (INS). Appropriating a host of cultural moments from Jean Cocteau's Orphée to current debates around art and wireless networks, INS staff will copy, transcribe and mutate sequences plucked from the 'mediasphere' (radio and television programmes, digital communications etc), rearranging them into encrypted sequences which are then read out over the radio in London and streamed to collaborating stations in Europe and America. Visitors are led on tours of the Transmission Room; they can also contribute their own input from the INS Briefing Room (Digital Studio). Calling All Agents blurs poetry and propaganda in an attempt to read our culture's source-code.
Mon-Fri £1.50, £1.00 Concs, FREE to ICA Members; Sat & Sun £2.50, £1.50 Concs, FREE to ICA Members Theatre (standing)


Wed 14 Apr, 7pm
Special Relationship: British Artists on America

Whether we care to admit it or not, the US dominates the international visual arts scene. If the Guggenheim Empire has yet to reach British shores, its presence can be felt in the increasingly sophisticated branding strategies of our museums. Tonight, four UK artists discuss the influence of America on their own work, especially in light of recent political events. They are: Andrew Cross, shortlisted for this year's Beck's Futures Prize; Jeremy Deller, who produced a guidebook and treasure hunt in California; Paul Claydon, member of the Inventory group, whose film on the Americana festival in Nottingham, England, set out to question the 'special relationship' between the two countries; and David Stephenson, who writes tribute songs to great American artists of the 20th century.
£8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA Members
Nash Room

Thurs 15 Apr, 8.10pm
Branding the Street: New Directions in Graffiti Art 'Brandalism'
was first popularised by the graffiti artist Banksy, when he used it to describe his 2003 exhibition in London. A conflation of 'brand' and 'vandalism', - it means the defacement of public buildings and spaces by corporate ads and logos. Paradoxically, it could also be used to describe recent street art. Fluent in branding and graphic iconography, today's graffiti artists have been replacing tags with more personal signs. Are today's graffiti 'logos' in fact anti-corporate logos? Or do they work on more ancient principles, communicating to us like geoglyphic symbols? Speakers: Tristan Manco, author of Street Logos; graffiti artists The Toasters, Brad Downey and D*Face; and Patrick Burgoyne, editor of Creative Review.

This event will be supported by 3 short films: the UK premiere of Public Discourse (Brad Downey and Quenell Jones, 2003, 45 mins), which explores the New York street art of Darius & Downey, Faile, Shepard Fairy aka Obey, and Swoon, among others; Acces(s) (Eko, 2003, 7 mins); and NEXT, a Primer on Urban Painting (Pablo Aravena, 2004, trailer). £12, £10 Concs. £9 ICA Members Cinema 1

Mon 5 - Tues 13 Apr, 3-9pm
Calling All Agents Briefing Room: INS Broadcasting Unit

The International Necronautical Society's (INS) broadcasting project Calling All Agents is operating out of the ICA. Encoded poem-messages will be sent around the world from the Transmission Room installed in the ICA Theatre, and the Digital Studio is being requisitioned as a Briefing Room. Visitors to the Digital Studio can access INS propaganda, transcripts and reports, view films and consult texts that have strongly influenced the Calling All Agents project, and send their own contributions into the Transmission Room. Mon-Fri £1.50, £1.00 Concs, FREE to ICA Members; Sat & Sun £2.50, £1.50 Concs, FREE to ICA Members Digital Studio



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